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Why is organic chemistry important? Organic compounds are used for many different things. Daily life in today’s world would be very hard to live in without organic compounds; in fact life would not be possible without organic compounds. For example, most of your body is made up of organic compounds. The food you eat is made up of organic compounds. Even the flavorings and colorings on processed food are organic. The clothes you wear are, yes you guessed it, organic as well. What more is that buses and cars use fuel which is also organic, and for many of us this is the only way to travel.

The heat in our homes is organic and if we did not have heat, many would freeze, which is why this is a benefit. Even the medicine we take when we get sick or get hurt may contain organic compounds. Those are just a few uses there are many more. Just as there are pros to organic compounds there many cons as well. Cuff’s the ozone destroying compounds are organic, they cause radiation to enter the earth. Many harmful pesticides such as, EDT are organic. Like all things, there is positive side and a negative side in using organic compounds.

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Importance of organic chemistry in modern life. There is no art, science or industry where knowledge of organic chemistry is not applied. The tremendous importance of organic chemistry in modern everyday life and industry as also to life phenomenon is briefly outlined below. 1 Applications in Daily life: In our day-tub day life we find ourselves in a strange panorama of things that in one way or the other are connected with organic chemistry. The organic substances of common use are listed below. Food – starch, fats, proteins, vegetables Fuels ; coal, kerosene, diesel oil, petrol

Dyes of all kinds Leather and wood products Clothes – cotton, wool, nylon, Dacron, terrible products Drugs – morphine, cocaine, LSI cosmetics Rubber and plastics – polyethylene, polystyrene, paints and varnishes insecticides: EDT, examine Refrigerants Stationery – pencil, paper, writing ink 2. Study of life processes: Organic chemistry is the chemistry of life. The study of the nature of material and of the processes of living organisms is the privilege of organic chemist. The investigation of the tissues, the secretions and other constituents of animals and plants is based upon organic chemistry.

The vitamins and hormones are important organic compounds produced in our body which ensure its proper development. 3. Applications in Industry: A knowledge of organic chemistry is necessary in many important chemical industries e. G. , preparation of foods, pharmacy, manufacture of dyes and explosives, paper industry, sugar industry, alcohol industry, synthetic rubber and plastics, soil fertilizers, petroleum industry and its recent development to produce a veritable galaxy of organic chemicals (petrochemical industry).

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