News on the Internet is Slowly Replacing the Written Media Assignment

News on the Internet is Slowly Replacing the Written Media Assignment Words: 362

Do you think that people will soon get all of their news over the Internet? Once, It was difficult to Imagine morning without a newspaper. We wake up, drink a cup of coffee and read newspapers In order to find latest news in the country and around the world. Today the world has changed. Every hour there is news, every minute something happens. In order to get the latest news, just go to the internet. So who really needs the newspapers and is there still a future for this industry?

Major newspapers around the world have already noticed this problem a long time. They understand that the news on the Internet is the future. It should also Join this trend and this will help in particular to promote the newspaper. Who does not do so, will be “left behind”. Creating new and popular sites with interesting materials are not detrimental to the newspaper, but also expands the sources of funding. Many of those who advertise on the Internet are not always advertised In the newspapers.

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Thus, a circle, In which newspaper promotes the website and the website, brings new readers to the newspaper. Of course, the web site which belongs to well-known newspaper has an excellent starting point on the Internet. Statistics around the world shows that the number of readers of newspapers is falling every year, and this is very reasonable. The younger generation does not have a natural attraction to the paper, newspapers and books and they are more drawn to the buttons and screens.

Therefore, it is clear that slowly, most of the budget of apers will move on to the Internet. During this transition period, they must retain its best reporters, or their level falls, and they will lose many readers. If the newspaper does not give new Information, so why buy It and spend precious time. Online news sites saves time, allows you to filter content, and make Information retrieval comfortable and efficient. I like sites that collect the latest news from different sources. This way you can get convenient and most reliable objective information.

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