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They changed her completely, making her unrealistic. She says, “Although many dream to have a perfect body or features on screen or magazines, this will not change themselves personally but change the way they look a themselves. ” As well as public figures rising up the American Medical Association stood with the public in agreement. The manipulations of images through Photos in magazines and advertisements have many detrimental effects towards the general public that has worked with image manipulation and as well as the viewers who read view these manipulated images.

These damaging effects could involve eating disorders and or emotional and behavioral complications. An article “Photos is evil” Claire Bond explains the methods of how magazines and advertisement uses Photos to create false images of celebrities and models. The companies use something called White Wash to help colored people appear paler and whiter from their original colored skin tone. They would also often change much more than the skin like hair, facial features and body image.

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The American Medical Associations have stated that eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia on teenagers have a link with the images that they see on magazines and advertisement. Their recent scientific data of the study of the link have been recently shared openly to the public to try change their thought on their view on how photo manipulation. On the opposite side of this argument, photographers, artist and editors have a completely different idea on this whole story. “Using Photos is a great tool that we use to enhance our wonderful and creative ideas. Do you expect us to just stop what we love? Says Sam Smith from Retouch Company. Hoots are most of the time always digitally manipulated for models or even landscapes and if photocopying images are banned, some believe that it will have little effect towards the publics view. Editors say that models or celebrities are naturally beautiful. Even though editors edit these model or celebrities, this does not mean that the use of Photos causes eating disorders. Still believe that the American Medical Association is heading in the right direction regarding this issue. The concern towards the publics health is their top priority so far.

Showing concern can sway the publics view towards the American Medical Association. However researchers are still finding connections too see if photo manipulation causes emotional distress and eating disorders. The American Medical Association recently started a Programmer that they set up in only a few states that promote their idea of stopping photo manipulation to young students in schools. Just like many organizations that promote stopping the use of drugs and cigarettes in adolescence, this makes them more aware footpath is happening in the real world and how not to feel f they come across a photo manipulated image.

When it comes to the issue of Photos, feel that there are more concerning issues that we should be more worries with for example video game violence affecting your children, drug use in adolescence and many more. This issue has many sides to each argument. Tell us your views towards the impact of Photos towards the public. Do you believe that we should restrain the use of Photos on models in magazines or will Photos continue to express humanities creative and artistic talent on our world?

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