First Time College Student Assignment

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My English Professor has told his class that there are three ways to help improve our writing skill: they are being proactive in class in asking professor Lynch questions in class and after class, getting tutoring etc help with questions on assignments or essays, and working with other students to help catch simple errors such as; punctuation, capitalizations, sentence structures, and grammar in our individual essays or writing assignments. The first way to improve your writing skills is to ask your professor, if you don’t understand the lesson, or why the professor didn’t like certain things about your writing assignment.

Going directly to them during their office hours or even after class to ask questions about your work is helpful so that you can comprehend mistakes you made, so you can get help to correct those certain problems occurring in your work. Another way to improve you writing skills is getting tutoring in the S. E. A center this is a good way to correct the problems occurring in your work and understand why you re making those mistakes and how to correct them.

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Also if you have questions on homework or even if you need a second opinion on an essay or writing assignment, you can sign up at the S. E. A center for a private 30 min session, or you can just walk in and get help as you need it. Lastly getting help from your fellow classmates. Getting feedback from your peers can also help you know if you are on the right track with your writing, or even just to help each other on assignments. These are three different ways a first time college student in a developmental writing class, can get help to improve their writing skills.

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