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First Period I could feel my heart beating faster and faster as I got closer and closer to the door of my biology class. My first class of the day and the scariest moment of my life. After a couple of minutes of sitting outside, giving myself a pep talk I suddenly got the guts to turn the doorknob. I know it was all in my mind, but the doorknob felt cold as ice. I was sweating peas for my first day of high school.

My family had Just Ovid to the area and today would be my first day at Miller Grove High school. I was shaking in my boots because knowing today would make-or-break me. As the door began to open the voices of my future classmates flooding over into the hallway. I stepped slow into the room trying not to catch the attention of the class, but of course my teacher had Just walked in right behind me. My eyes open in shock because now everyone’s eyes were on me even the teachers. “Hello class,” said Mr.. Dawson, “Today we have a new student. “HI! The class shrieked. “Okay Just go find a seat and listen for the role,” he said as he pointed at the empty seats in the room. I start my way to the back of the class when I spotted a seat next to a girl with the face of a doll. Her smile reached from ear to ear. I know at that moment today might not be as bad as I made it seem. I sat down and start to prepare myself for class when Mr.. Dawson had started to call the role. At that moment I know all eyes will be on me once again. I listen carefully as he got closer to my name.

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I attached as he called everyone’s name and tried to remember the names with the faces. He was now two students from calling my name when the girl next to me raised her hand to the name Rayon. I turned to look at her with a smile and whispered a hello. Too busy talking to Rayon I got side track from the role not knowing that Mr.. Dawson was calling my name. “Ms. Rhodes! ” Said Mr.. Dawson for maybe the third time. “Hello,” I said in a timid voice, “I’m sorry I’m here. ” “Welcome to the class Ms. Rhodes,” he said with a wired looking smile. I let Off smile as

Rayon started to giggle. We continued talking as he went on with the role. Soon after he appointed a group assignment. Rayon ask me if I wanted to be in the group with her and some of her friends. The day was looking up for me. I know after this class its nothing but uphill for me. I learned from that day forth that I shouldn’t be afraid of begin accepted. Always have confidence in whatever I do. That day I meet my best friend and made a lot of other friends. It turned out to be such a good day and I will never forget it. It was the best first day of school ever!

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