A detailed lesson plan in mapeh Assignment

A detailed lesson plan in mapeh Assignment Words: 521

Prayer: Let’s stand up for a prayer. Student’s Activity The students stand up for a prayer. Good morning class. Please take your seats. Good morning Sir. The students take their seats. 2. Checking of attendance: Please say present when your name is called. Students say present when their names is called. 3. Checking of assignments: Class, do you have an assignment? Yes, sir. Get your assignment and pass it to the front. Students pass their assignments to the front. 4. Review of the past lesson: Class, what was our lesson last meeting? Bea raises her hand.

Yes, Bea? Our lesson last meeting was about the kinds of chord. What are the kinds of chords? Yes, Jake? The kinds of chord are the triad, 7th chord, 9th chord, 1 lath chord and 13th chord. B. Motivation: I have here a keyboard. Keyboard is and old musical instrument in western musical tradition. It is compose of 49 keys. The pianist is the one who played the keyboard or the piano. They used different kinds of chord to play this instrument. Class, do you think pianist could play Yes, you’re right. Later we will learn those chord as we go on to our discussion, but those basic chord only.

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C. Lesson Proper: Unlocking of difficulties: This morning, before we begin our lesson, let us first learn the four kinds of triad that we are going to encounter as we go to our lesson. Student listen. Please read the following chord Major chord Minor chord Diminished chord Augmented chord Discussion: In writing a chord, it is very important to write properly the correct letter of a chord. Because with Just one mistake your song will be out of tune if it is not written correctly. Please take note that in a triad, every chord has its own formula.

In major, the formula s 4-3, minor 3-4,diminished is 3-3 and augmented is 4-4. Lets apply these to the keyboard. In major, for example A major, it goes this way. Put your thumb finger in the key of A and then count four and three. So that is the A major. It is Just the same if we Students listen. Try another major chord. D. Generalization: What are the four kinds of triad class? Chord. E. Application: Now let’s have a group activity. The first and second row is 1 group. Fourth is another 1 group. And then follow. Major, minor, diminished and augmented Students group themselves.

The third and Before we go to our activity, you must first Student select their secretary and leader. Select you’re secretary and leader. May I request the leaders to come in front Cm and E c+ and c ‘V. EVALUATION: Direction: Answer the following question. 1 . What are the four kinds of triad? Major, minor, diminished and augmented chord. 2. What triad is having a 3. 3 formula? Diminished 3. Is triad a three note chord? Yes or No. 4. What do you call a person who plays Yes. Piano? V. ASSIGNMENT: Pianist For a 1/2 sheet of paper, draw a keyboard and plot this following chord: 2. Dam

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