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Autocracy Watching this film was entertaining. Vie seen it before on Comedy Central and though HTH it was funny to see how the U. S. Was like hundreds of years later. I was excited to know that this film was on the list for doing this paper because I have seen it. This movie was right up my alley because the writer and director of the film is none other than Mike Judge. Of course, I’m a fan of his shoo was, especially “Beeves and Butt Head”.

Anyway;ay, the movie was about two main characters, Joe and Rata whom volunteered to be a part of an experiment that was supposed to last for one year. Too ugh the person who was in charge of the experiment had gotten arrested and eventually the entire t hint was forgotten until many, many years later. When both have awoken again, it’s been five hundred years. Lots of things have chant geed, like the average IQ has dropped dramatically.

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Everyone in the world was stupid. Even the president. The U. S. Was not the same anymore because of everyone lacking intelligence. Throughout most of the film it’s Joe trying to find a time machine to return to the year 2005, with a guy he met an med Frito. Eventually they do find Rata, the other being that was in the experiment with Joe. Lath cough later in the film, Joe has been proved to be the smartest man alive thanks to an IQ test taken in the e White House.

Because of this, the current president, which looking at him made me realize why he was elected resident (burly, macho man, lacking intelligence, having Mountain Dew in the middle of his name, etc. ) decided to make Joe in charge of fixing the nation’s food shortage, crippled economy, and dust bowls in a week. Upon giving this assignment, Joe discovered that there was not water within I n these crops he was supposed to fix. Finding out instead, there was some sort of Storage like sports drink called “Brawny”. Which they had bought the US Federal Food and Drug Administration and Federal

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