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They pick it up and find hat it is a faceable notification from one of their friends back home wanting to keep in touch with them. Once the computer starts up, the student then logs into their faceable account to make communication simpler. Thinking that they can communicate with their friend while also working on their essay. The student then starts to talk to their friend back home while also scrolling through the faceable newsfeed to find out the latest information on people they went to high school with. An hour passes and the student manages to at least write their name in the top left corner of the document.

By this time, the student is too tired to create a well written essay and pieces it together rather quickly thus creating an unschooled paper. This student is me. I am a student who is easily distracted by social networking sites. Most students like myself use social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends and to keep up with an active social life. The internet is so widely depended on as a college student, internet access is always available. Having access to the internet at any given moment,can give the student absolute freedom to search any website that hey wanted, not Just for class purposes.

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With new advances in technology, we now always have access to social media whether it be on a smartened, tablet, or a laptop. No student is entirely motivated to complete a homework assignment, therefore they slowly wander off to websites that give them the most entertainment. These days, that online entertainment is the social network. Social network usage is extremely common among students in their teens as well as students in their ass’s. On a statistics website, it showed that 98% of students teen the ages of 18-24 are using social networking sites. The most commonly used site is faceable.

Other social media such as twitter,mainstream and youth are also used often along with faceable. The average amount of time a college student spends on faceable per month is approximately 15 hours and 33 minutes. The excessive usage of faceable has been proven to lower the gap of a college student. In a study done by the University of New Hampshire, 1 , 127 students were surveyed on their usage of social media. 96% of those students used faceable, 84% used youth, ND 12% used twitter. The students who used social media less than others tended to have a point difference in their spa’s.

For example, those who used less social media earned a 3. 5-4. 0 gap. Where as those who used social media more frequently earned a 3. 3-4. 0 gap. Although social media may have their negative effects on college students, there are also positives effects as well. Being away for college sometimes means leaving your childhood friends behind as Informative Speech By transporter it can be easier to stay in touch with them while being away. Different social media an offer different types of communication methods such as instant messaging, status updates and video chats.

Finding time to properly use these is important while in college, due to the fact that college students are constantly always working on homework or studying for the next upcoming quiz or test. Students can also use it as a tool to meet new people at the school that they are attending. In earlier generations, college students didn’t have social media as a form of entertainment or even for communication purposes. We are quite lucky having that extra form of communication. Our generation is the generation of faceable, youth, twitter, and many other social media sites.

In conclusion, social media can have both negative and positive impacts on a college student. Being able to access these networking sites anywhere we are at any given moment, plays as a big distraction when trying to focus on school work. Many students most commonly use these sites as an entertainment feature rather than connecting towards school or old friends. Though, people do still use it as a form of staying in touch with old friends and family but it isn’t as common. “Did you see her tutus yesterday” or “post that picture of us, I really like it! Are things commonly said to others of social media. Constantly going on my phone to check the latest information on faceable, twitter, and Mainstream has become a daily habit for myself. Waking up in the morning and grabbing my phone to check for any new notifications has become routine. I am aware of the distractions of having access to these applications whenever I wanted to. I have learned by personal experience both the good and bad of social media, time management and when to use these sites is crucial to academic success.

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