Your Environmental Road Trip Film: A Reaction Paper Assignment

Your Environmental Road Trip Film: A Reaction Paper Assignment Words: 639

And on the way, they try to find answers to the most critical question everyone asking: ARE WE DOOMED? When I learned that we were going to watch this film, not that I wasn’t excited to watch it but, I thought that it was Just another boring movie that will teach us how to plant trees, how to dispose our garbage properly and other experiments, but I was mistaken. It was beyond planting trees, and they didn’t conduct their experiments with artificial stuff, they themselves were the experiments.

They tried all sorts of experiments on themselves to see if they could survive under these conditions, like tot using incandescent light bulbs, taking Navy showers( very, very short showers), eating only corn-containing food for a month and having a rule that their I-month garbage must fit 1 shoebox. It was such a big sacrifice and a big risk, especially for Julie who was pregnant. But it was the sacrifice and risk that anyone who wants to save the Earth was willing to take.

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The movie was so interesting because I got to see the different ways Americans do to help save the Earth. Before we watched the movie, I didn’t know that there were so many Americans doing their part. The top 3 things that attracted me most during the movie were: The Rooftop of the city hall of Illinois, the Bikes and the City Museum. To see a rooftop greenery in the middle of place filled with buildings and different infrastructures was a beautiful sight to see. It’s like the beautiful scenery is calling you, saying ” Hey!

Rather than staring at me from faraway, make a greenery on your rooftop so you can see how beautiful it is in a nearer distance and to see how beautiful the Earth would be if there would a little more green color in our rounding’s. ” When you get up in the morning and look out the window, you usually see only the paper boy on a bicycle, but not in Colorado! Every Thursday, everyone goes to their respective places in an environmental-friendly style, on Bikes! Seeing students and adults in their respective uniforms for school and work riding on a bike to school or work was so cool to see.

Could you ever imagine your plastic bottles, your plastic bath tub you used when you were a baby or even your toilet, be in a world famous museum? The City Museum has it all. From small candy wrappers to giant trains and airplanes those were all used and now reused by the museum. It was the coolest museum I have ever seen! Especially because there were lots of slides! And it really says that if you want to make something big out of garbage, really and literally make something BIG! If I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t know what would have happened to me. These three had a lot to go through. And I mean a lot!

And they are probably going through a lot more till this minute. But that’s life! That’s another thing the movie tells us bout, life. Life is full of risks and challenges and there would be times that you would really want to give up. This movie tells us not to. These three never gave up and will never give up, because they have a goal and a dream they want to reach so badly. They may not have reached that goal yet, but they are not stopping, they are not giving up. This movie shows that if you have a dream or goal, if you have faith in God, if you have hope and determination, there are ways that can be done to achieve that dream of yours.

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