Reaction Paper Divergent Assignment

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Divergent is an interesting movie, a typical science fiction action film that is totally entertaining. The movie starts with the narration of the main character Beatrice Prior, and from her narration I already have a conclusion that it will be a good film. In her narration, she discusses the kind of society they have which is divided into five factions. I was fascinated with the idea of having these five factions, each with its own unique characteristic portrayed in the film.

The factions are presented through their different functions in the society, the lifestyle they have especially their manner of dressing, the beliefs that they hold on to, and the different culture that they have which we give emphasis on our paper. However, somehow contradict the statement of Beatrice saying that she does not belong in any Of the five faction for she is a Divergent- has more than one faction.

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For me, Beatrice is lucky to be a Divergent for it proves that she has more than one ability than becoming factionists. But she did make a choice to be part of one of the faction which is the Dauntless, the protector. I like the determination that she shows in order arrive the training and keep being a part of the Dauntless group. All in all, the movie was great. The characters are good as well as the graphics especially the battle part.

The film also left some lessons which I think is very useful to many of the teenagers who are also confused in their state of life. One of which is “Fear does not weaken you, it awakes you. ” After watching the movie, I began thinking of what faction do I want to belong with, and its the Amity group, I’ve always wanted to be the scholar ones and because like color blue, and with these thinking realized how influential the movie is.

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