Reaction Paper: Ten Commandments Assignment

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I cant totally comment on the hole movie because we are not able to finish watching it due to limited time. But I can still remmember when I saw this movie since I was a kid, because were fun of watching this kind of movie during holy weeks, and this was also played in televisions in that time. The Ten Commandments is an incredible epic drama based on the Book of Exodus from the Old Testament. Although I’m not at all religious in the traditional sense, I love this movie for the storyline, acting, and even special effects, which seem primitive by today’s standards but are nevertheless quite impressive.

The Ten Commandments is a moving tale of how the Hebrews escaped slavery in ancient Egypt and went on to form their own nation. Thus, this movie is mainly about the struggle for freedom as well as the price of maintaining it. Although the story is thousands of years old, The Ten Commandments, which is basically just a movie adaptation and expansion of the Book of Exodus, is still quite relevant. There are still parts of the world where peoples are being exploited by other peoples, and The Ten Commandments should be an inspiration to those oppressed to strive toward freedom.

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This freedom always comes at a price, however. For the ancient Hebrews, the price was to follow the Ten Commandments, which became adapted into Judeo-Christian law and custom. Nowadays I think that only four or five of the Ten Commandments actually apply to modern society because people today are evolving and liberating thus, others don’t follow The Ten Commandments maybe because of ignorance, though the other four still seem to serve us well. In any case, we will always need a law to govern ourselves, and I’m pretty happy with our constitution now.

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