Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Assignment

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As known that strategic HARM focuses on the linking of all HER activities with the organization’s strategic objectives, there are cost containment, customer service, organizational effectiveness, social responsibility and integrity which should be achieved. The author uses specific explanation on those strategic objectives. There are diagrams and specific explanations given to let reader understand strategic human resource management easily and clearly. Patrick, W & Even, P 2009, Strategic Human Resource Planning In Academia’, American Journal of Business Education, Volvo. , no. 7, up. 1-9 The authors explains and analysis the strategic human resource planning In academia. Firstly the authors Introduce the fundamental parts and concepts of human resource planning, secondly given the importance of human resource planning to an organization, and focus in academia the authors provides realistic cases concretely. Then they propound many particular solutions for academia In order to ensure a college or university has adequate human resources to meet Its goals and operational plans.

The article improves my understanding of human resource planning by explaining the component elements, and proves the importance of human resource planning. Some real cases showed that organization In different Industry faced different human resource problem, for academia, aging populations is the main problem. The main point is the organization should make the human resource planning after analyzing current social, economic and external labor market that affect human resources, keep the organization to remain flexible to the dynamic changes In specific environment.

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The authors explain the key consideration is the source of recruitment, and it includes internal parts and external parts. By identify advantages of internal and external of recruitment; help readers know how to attract competitive candidates tooth inside and outside in order to efficiently meet Job requirements. This article has contributed to my understanding recruitment and selection by detailed more than twenty concrete advantages and disadvantages both inside and outside. Because it can brings lots of advantages it goes hand in hand with professional criteria.

It can also bring lots of losses when an elementary principle is not taken in account. The ‘recruitment source’ is a simple standard to evaluate candidates. At the same time, inability to generate enough qualified candidates is a serious problem, regardless of source of recruitment. The efficiency of an organization depends on its staff and the quality of staff that is why evaluating the success of recruitment efforts is important. The major strengths of this article is the author principled recruitment by internal and external, and given detailed evaluating items to help evaluate candidates.

Benzene, A & Evans, S 2012, ‘Human Resource Information System As a Strategic Toll in Human Resource Management’, Problems of Management in the 21st Century, Volvo. 5, up. 6-15. The authors research how the use of human resource information systems contributes to the effectiveness of strategic human resource management and prove he importance of using HEIR in an organization. By analysis 34 companies’ data, a organization use human resource information systems will reducing producing cost and saving time, the most important point is make sure better contributions to strategic decision making.

This article use powerful data analysis the importance of HEIR, start and sustain human resource information system use are critical. Now days, organization become more complex and process more information, HEIR could help an organization determines what kind of information should provide to decision maker. The authors introduce the system is more than a simple aggregation Achaeans for inventory control and accounting, is a management tool.

Due to many manager are concerned about the cost of start the human resource information system in organization, the authors given the answer that the system will maintained efficiently and cost-effectively. The major strengths of this article is, the authors proved the advantages of implementing human resource information system by real data, and describes HEIR work principle. Becker, BE& Hustled, MA 2010, ‘SHIRR and Job design: Narrowing the divide’, Journal of The article presents an overview that the idea of strategic Jobs can represent a same round between Job design and strategic human resources management in an organization.

The authors discuss Job design may contribute to strategic human resources management; normally there has been no consideration of conventional attributes of Job design in the strategic human resource management framework. This article has contributed to my understanding Job design by focus on strategic jobs as a new context, the notion of strategic Jobs and an emphasis on a high differentiated workforce is suggesting a new context. By compare them within or across organizations, they vary by traditional Job level and characteristics, strategic bobs and non-strategic Jobs may appear to have little in common.

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