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This assignment requires creativity, discipline, leadership, decision making, and meeting strict deadlines. Please get familiar with the entire content of this handout to avoid disappointment. Purpose: Demonstrate operations management and supply chain management principles in business scenarios. Project Description: Welcome to Ops Reality Show! As a founding member of the Ops reality show, you have the distinct honor and awesome responsibility for the success of the Show.

Through this Show, the class will research on the operations of certain business organization, identify its competitive advantages through detailed analysis and benchmarks, summarize your findings in a research paper, and present your study with a regular PPTP slides and a short video clip highlighting the operations practice at the organization. Your final project will be Judged based on the project rubrics in pages 5-6. Overview of Individual/Team Expectations: The project is multi-faceted, detail-oriented, and time-sensitive and requires on- going individual, team, and collaborative team efforts.

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Each team is required to meet to brainstorm deliverables and solve problems and issues on a weekly basis. Memos, reports, papers, slides, and videos are due at various times during the project as well as at the end of the project. In-team negotiations will be required; thus, identify your director (e. G. , team leader) in the first class as each of the directors will act on behalf of his/her team in all project submissions and communications. Carrying out your individual and team roles in this collaborative project will determine the success of the collective work of our class.

Forecasting (based on text Chi 15) h. Operations Scheduling (based on CA text Chi 19) Identify the company’s competitive advantages through above analysis and benchmarks Conclusions and recommendations 1 | Page Company Identification Activity (2%): Follow the directions given on peg. 6 of this assignment. Project Status Reports (2, worth 4% each) will be due periodically throughout the semester. This is a chance to get feedback on the progress made to date on your project so that revisions and additions can be made prior to the final due date.

The intent of these reports is to build toward your comprehensive final report. • Status report #1 (due 09/30/2013) – Must include parts #1-5 of your project from the list above Status report #2 (due 11/04/2013) – Must include parts #6-11 of your project from the list above Project Research Paper (10%): Compile your findings for all of the parts of your project listed above in details in a 10-page single-spaced research paper. Research Presentation (5%): Summarize your research in a presentation that highlights your key findings (I. E. He most significant operations management aspects of your company in your opinion). During the presentation, each team will showcase the operations practice of the intended organization with a video clip. Video Clip (5%): The clip provides great visual aids to bridge your research with the actual operations practices at the organization. Each team is recommended to “act out” the operations practice in a story. Projects can only be completed in assigned groups (Max. 5 students per group). The specific project assignments and teams will be determined in the 2nd week of class.

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