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My dream has always been to be a writer. But realistically, I know that that is not a professional path that would allow for the lifestyle I would like to have in the future. With this in mind, I researched for different careers and ended up with psychiatry. Right now, I am pursuing this and will become a psychiatrist within the next years. The problem is, I still would love to somehow pursue writing. The steps I will take to ensure that I achieve this goal are to continue studying and intention my studies to med-school to get my doctorates degree.

This means that I want to learn, communicate, be prepared for and successfully complete as much material as I can with respect to all my courses’ assignments and contribution throughout my curriculum. I want teachers to see and feel that I am trying my hardest to excel in the learning materials presented to me. When I was young, I always had very high aspirations for myself. I always thought that I’d become a doctor, Just not sure on what I wanted to specialize.

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This profession seems highly rest pecked and the high income is a very important factor. As I grew older, the more I considered this choice of profession. I began to realize that it was what I wanted to do with my life. For the past few years I have taken interest in psychiatry, well, after being a professional writer. Psychiatry is a promising career that is also financially secure. I would like to specialize in adolescents for I feel that I could understand them because of what I had dealt with growing up.

I’ve pretty much done it all, as I’ve seen it all. It has made me grow up faster than I wanted, but I guess you have to grow up at some point, right? Better sooner than later. I’m pursuing a career in psychiatry but I would also love to be a writer. 2. Pursue both things.. 1. Quit psychiatry and pursue a writing career. Fulfilling my dream as a writer. Personal fulfillment. Won’t be a psychiatrist and be able to afford my desired lifestyle. Too time consuming and expensive. 3.

Pursue psychiatry and come a writer as a hobby. Be a psychiatrist and still get to write. 4. Become a then write books related to the field. I would be merging both of the things I want professionally. I wouldn’t be pursuing writing Become a psychiatrist and then write books related to the field. 5. Attempt to integrate writing into my curriculum with electives, etc. It would make my experience more enjoyable. Don’t want to write about medicine. May not be economically viable and could take more time to finish.

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