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Catalogue Description: Provides essential strategies and procedures for planning, organizing, staffing, monitoring, and controlling design, development, and production of system to meet stated IT-related need in effective and efficient manner. Fulfills writing-intensive requirement for BBS in information technology. Required Material: Text: Joseph Phillips, IT Project Management, 3rd Edition. Text without the CD is adequate. Supplementary material will be posted on Blackboard. Case Studies: Assigned case studies from the Harvard School of Business will be available through a web link to be provided.

The case studies are required reading. Planned case studies: 1 . Memo 2: Business Process Case Keratin’s Cookie Co. . Research Paper Case: Cisco Systems, Inc. : Implementing ERP Presentation Case 1 : Singapore Trade 4. Team Presentation Case 2: Iridium Satellite 5. Team Presentation Case 3: Timberland Parts 6. Team Presentation Case 4: Too Far Ahead of the Curve? Use of GUM Blackboard System: 3. Team Instructor Presentations: Material presented in class will be posted to Blackboard before class. Assignments: ALL individual assignments will be submitted through the University Blackboard system.

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Assignments are due before class no latter than 10:30 am local time on the day the assignment is due. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Course Outcome: Ability to assist in the creation of an effective project plan. Major Themes: Understand the importance of project management in improving the success of information technology projects. Understand the constraints of project management. Learn tools and techniques of project management, including communications through written documentation. Ђ Appreciate the importance of good project management and share examples of good and bad project management Course Structure: The course will be conducted as a mixture of lecture and discussion. Students are expected to actively participate. Teams of students will be assigned to research a case study and present their findings to the class as a foundation for subsequent discussion. All students are expected to participate in the discussion. Writing Intensive Requirement: This course fulfills the University Writing Intensive requirement for the Applied IT major.

Written Assignments: All submissions will include your last name (not my name) in the file name, I. E. , Memo 1. It is mandatory that you properly credit your sources within the paper in addition to the reference material you cite at the end of the paper. 1 . Memo Questions: A memo question is a question that invites response at memorandum length. Memo 1 should be between 600 and 700 words in a professional format of your choosing. You will respond to an opportunity to be a project manager. Memo 2 should be between 800 and 900 words in a professional format of your choosing.

You will analyze the processes off start-up business related to the business goals. 2. Research Paper: Students will write a paper of a least 2,000 words (excluding citations) based on the Harvard Business School case study Cisco Systems, Inc. : Implementing ERP. The assignment will be submitted as a Word document adhering to the PAP style guide. All submissions will include your last name (not my name) in the file name, I. E. , Final. A) You can begin by answering the questions posed at the conclusion of the case study.

You should expand on the success factors and the areas where you, as a project manager, would have handled the situation differently. B) The paper should identify the major issues described in the case, and key decisions made by the project manager to set up and run this ERP implementation. Include the following: circumstances, major issues, your approach to addressing hose issues, and tools or techniques you would use. The majority of the paper should be devoted to your analysis of the case and areas you would replicate or change. Your analysis should be based on the case, our class discussion, the text, and outside research. ) The requirement is that the student seeks to understand how, as a project manager, you would react to the case situation. The bulk of the grade will therefore be allocated to how well you have succeeded in describing this understanding. A portion of the grade will be reserved for how much care has been taken in preparing he paper. D) Do not simply provide a summary of the case as your final paper. 3. A working draft of your research paper, as described above, should be submitted as an assignment for instructor comment. The assignment is for instructor feedback only.

There is no minimum word limit or format requirement for the draft. The assignment will be submitted as a word document in Blackboard. 4. Microsoft Project In-Class Exercise: In conjunction with an assigned case study, students will create a plan in Microsoft Project. Students will simulate execution of that plan using Microsoft Project. Students may download a copy of Microsoft Project through the Microsoft Developers’ Network Academic Alliance, to which the Evolving School subscribes. 5. Presentations: Students will be assigned a team to present on some aspect of one of the Harvard Business School Case Studies.

Each student will prepare and present part of a coordinated analysis with the rest of their team. Presentations are intended to run approximately 20 minutes. All team members will participate in the presentation. Presentations will be evaluated based on analysis, content, creativity, delivery and class response. . Exams: There will be two exams: one Midterm and one Final. The midterm will be a closed book, in-class multiple-choice exams. The Final will be written responses. The Final Exam will be cumulative of all course material. Bring your GUM ID or a driver’s license with picture to each exam.

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