Facebook Addiction Among Students Assignment

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Whatever the poison, it takes over the students’ lives and leaves a sense of empty pleasure in place of real stimulation. * This social networking website has over 900 million users and 500 million Of them students. When certain teenagers were interviewed about their addiction to faceable, one of them was asked “What would you do if faceable crashed for a week” and the reply was “I would die”. Such is the addiction among students today. Is this use an addiction though?

According o Medical News Today, an addiction is “a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite negative consequences associated with it”. Addictions do not just include things you consume (like drugs and alcohol), they can be almost anything that you do, such as gambling, shopping, watching television, exercising, eating, hoarding and, of course, using the Internet. There is a condition related to the use of Faceable called Faceable Addiction Disorder (FAD). This condition was first named in May 2011, according to NBC Bay Area.

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Symptoms include confusion of the divergence of real life and Faceable, paranoia when someone does not message you back, staying on Faceable for more than an hour each day, excessive friend building and wall building, depression during withdrawal from Faceable, accessing Faceable from mobile phones and checking Faceable frequently during inappropriate times during the day, updating your status at least 4 times a day, and, lastly, migrating important social activities to Faceable.

Most people said that they go on Faceable when they should be doing mouthing else, like homework, which typically leads to negative consequences like finishing later than expected or not finishing at all. A majority knew that Faceable should not be a priority, but when asked how they would feel if Faceable crashed for a month, most responses showed that it would be a very difficult adjustment to make without it. Some said they would be bored and angry and “unconnected to the world”; while others said that they would replace Faceable with other social network sites like Twitter and Tumbler.

Like me, many students struggle with the distractions that social media poses. These websites are addicting because they give a false sense Of community. Users are tricked into believing that they are part of a close group where they can openly share their opinions with each other. Psychiatrists suggest that teens should keep balance in their daily activities with mainly focusing on their positive assignments as it would help them adopt positive trends in their social as well as mental behaviors.

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