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Also, it influences students, it causes lack of education, and expelled students will be hardhearted negatively at the college. Typically, expelled students will be not prepared for their academic and career future. Students should not be expelled for cheating. Education is based on learning, educating, and informing students with new information, if students expelled for cheating they will not learn anything from that experience. College policy for students who cheat is to expel them for the purpose of improve their bad behavior and to reinforce their honesty manner.

Unfortunately, students who stay at home will have free time that they will waste it on fun. As a matter of fact, they are going to lose their learning motivation staying at home without doing anything lead students to be lazy and inactive. Expel students who cheated is not beneficial for them because it causes loss of learning passion. Expelling students only for cheating goes on serious consequences which affect students’ personality, likewise it may lead to lose their self-esteem too.

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For instance, students who stay at home feel disappointed, as far they expulsion demonstrates their weakness which results losing of confidence, trust in their creativeness, and delay students’ ability in reaching their attention. Consequently, students’ enthusiasm of being educated will be destroyed and it will create feelings of anger and hate education. Thus, expulsion omits their challenge of learning and robs students from their opportunities to be competent. It influences students badly and damages their hope of good education future.

Nevertheless, dismissed students will have negative character within the learning environment around. Students will have restricted relationships with people around in college. Further they will try to preserve their image yet their ethics but nonetheless popularizing defrauds instructors and other dents of false view toward students who cheated. Those students sense of being discarded, dismissed, and rejected from other students and instructors. As well, feelings of shame will control students; everyone is going to question the reason of their expulsion from the college.

Likewise, it hurts students’ chances for finding good friends. As a result expulsion influences students’ individuality badly and it makes hard to associate with colleagues. Moreover, students who are not in class are not prepared for their academic future. Dismissing students from college influences students’ educational aground negatively and it results students’ academic failure. Expulsion for cheating consider as an academic violation reported on students’ official academic transcripts, to illustrate it interferes their ability to transfer to another college.

As well, that will prevent students from finishing their college degrees so they will never be accepted to get re-admission. As well, going to college is a chance to develop independence and personal skills through practicing new activities. Obviously education is the key of success in particular life, and in other words knowledge is power and great power brings read responsibility to obtain future possibilities. For instance, college enhances knowledge with skills that it provides to prepare students for their profession goal.

Being uneducated limits career opportunities because without education degrees students will not be hired for a good job position. Education expands youth knowledge in order to promote students’ academic achievement and ethical development. Expelling students does not solve the problem and it must not be the first option because it is not helpful for them. However instead of that there are possible solutions to change students by giving them other chances to think oneself to recover. Whenever College provides several services to support students that will help them attain their success honestly.

Once students receive appropriate help that they need, they will exceed the need of cheat. Another option is to give students first warning and chance to make up the assignment again. Then students should receive a failing grade for copied work or the assignment. That is students should be expelled from the whole course not from the college. Even so, college main goal is educating students as much as it can and learning them specific skills that form lifelong working baits according to each student unique abilities.

Everyone deserves better chances to exhibit best, those expelled students may be professionals, Smart, creative, study well, disciplines and hard worker. Who knows they may were under pressure or may face problems with their families, so they may found cheating is way to skip these difficult situations in their life. Indeed, students are responsible of their behavior at college, they are supposed to handle their mistakes and apologize for them and college has to treat them fairly.

As the college has rights and polices students have sights too, college cares about its students so it must interview them after caught them cheating. Think colleges must look after the consequences of expulsion because it affects many sides in the society and cause very serious extreme problem which is unemployment. Students should not be expelled from college for cheating because it is not beneficial for them. Knowing cheating take a place is not enough reason to expel students, it must be taken as a final extreme punishment. Expulsion wastes students’ time, confuses their self-steam, and it marks students as bad people.

Besides that, they lose their ambitions toward their educational degree which reduces their chances for good job positions in society. On the contrary if the college try forming new polices that breaks down losing students, it could control their behavior and benefit them. That will enriches the college efficiency and raises students’ capability to be creative, talented, and smartness. College students will increase their risk of cheating awareness and will avoid violating any college right. Students attend college to support their knowledge and promote it for better social life in future.

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