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Restaurant Marketing Plan Neon Memories Diner Product/Service Innovation Neon Memories Diner attracts prospective customers by offering an exciting and unique dining experience. High quality food, friendly and professional service, and an entertaining, fun-filled environment differentiate Neon Memories from its competitors. Our market can be divided as: Prospects: Anyone who has received a first-timer discount coupon or who has otherwise provided their contact information (via raffle, website, or mailing list). Customers: At least one meal enjoyed at Neon Memories Diner.

They’ve added their name to our mailing list, and anticipate returning to dine with us again. Premium Customers: They come in several times a year, bring friends and/or extended family, and plan ahead to attend theme nights. They take part in the Neon Points program and refer others. The products sold by Neon Memories Diner fall into the following categories: ; Shakes: E each Cakes and pies: E each Sundaes: E each, appropriate for groups as each serves at least two people ; sodas and juices: E. 50 – 3. 50 Hot drinks: 2. 50 – E Kid’s meals: E

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Griddle meals (pancakes, waffles, French toast): Ell Egg meals (eggs, omelets, scrambles, etc. ): E Quick breakfasts (cereal, granola, fruit salad, muffin, etc. ): E ; Starter soups and salads: E. 50 – E Other starters: E – E ; Meal salads: EYE ; Burgers: Ell-EYE Sandwiches: E – EYE Hot dogs: E Smoothies: E Blue plate specials (meatloaf, chicken pot pie, beef standoff, etc): EYE – EYE Items Ell and under are often appropriate for one person trying out the restaurants a small meal, breakfast, drink, appetizer, or dessert.

Most customers are expected to arches starters, meals, drinks, and desserts for each individual in the group. Premium customers will do this frequently. Price Rationale The pricing for Neon Memories Diner is intended to set the restaurant well above a fast food establishment (EYE for a meal rather than E-10). The rationale is that coming to Neon Memories Diner is a special event and customers will feel they can splurge (both calorie-wise and dollar-wise) on starters, drinks, and desserts because a visit to Neon Memories it is not an everyday experience.

The pricing is about 20% Geiger than traditional diners without any specific theme or unique packaging. As a unique and themed restaurant, this is the premium customers are willing to pay for all of the extra elements (beyond food) included in the Neon Memories Diner By muckraker experience. Neon Memories Diner NAS toned over the past two years that this pricing is acceptable to customers, especially when the target customers are in the older age bracket (generally grandparents and older parents who were alive in the ‘ass or ‘ass).

Coupons and first-timer deals will be relatively easy to find on the diner’s website ND in radio, print, and online ads, as well as local events. A standard first-timer deal will be a free drink or small starter with the purchase of a meal. Generally, these type of deals will only be available to first-timers, and all customers will be tracked by name and address when they take advantage of these deals. Regular and premium customers will not generally have deals of this kind, but will be rewarded with Neon Memories Points when they register their information.

For every OHIO they spend at the restaurant, they will receive Ell off their next meal. Marketing Materials While a printed marketing kit will not generally be used, it can be prepared based on the same items on the Neon Memories Diner website. The marketing kit will be used as a press kit and when seeking relationships with membership organizations which can provide referrals, although it will not be sent or provided to consumers.

The press/marketing kit will include: Case statement – Covering the nostalgia for the “good times” of the ‘ass and ‘ass and the need for a family restaurant spanning generations ; Difference summary – Describing how the theme plays out in the restaurant ; Ideal customer description – n actual story of a regular customer who brings his children and grandchildren to Neon Memories Diner ; Copy of menu and prices Description of previous year’s theme nights, with customer testimonials for each ; List of upcoming theme nights General testimonials FAQ – with information on directions, parking, policies and rules, etc. Selection of press articles Testimonials will be requested on a card provided with the checks given to each table. They will be sifted through once a week by the manager and the top 10 or so will be set aside for potential inclusion in the marketing kit and website. The marketing kit will be updated once a quarter. A cover letter will be tailored to individual prospects or press outlets as needed.

Web Plan The Neon Memories Diner website will serve the following purposes: ; Educate prospects with an eye towards encouraging them to try out the restaurant ; Inform customers about the upcoming events, menu, and key information about coming to Neon Memories Diner Prospects will be encouraged through the fun, colorful, playful atmosphere of the website, which mirrors that of the actual restaurant. A trivia section of the website will include the same questions printed on the diner’s napkins, and more.

A photo gallery will provide a visual tour of the restaurant to demonstrate its decor and atmosphere as well as actual customers in family groups enjoying the restaurant and its theme nights. Music from the era will play on the website for visitors with sound enabled on their computers. The first-timer discount coupon and code will be prominently displayed on the websites homepage to encourage prospects to become customers.

Existing customers will be further encouraged to peen their relationship with Neon Memories Diner through information on the upcoming theme nights, along with the ability to forward that information directly trot the website to their trends. Sign-up tort the Neon Points and retrial programs will be available directly through the website as well. Social Media Plan A Neon Memories Diner blob will be shared between the managers and servers at the restaurant.

Before and after theme nights, they will write about the events, giving a bit of a review and a taste of what the evening was all about. Blob posts will also SSE trivia questions based on the names of the food items, which are all drawn from the ‘ass and ‘ass. This will encourage user comments and answers while publicizing the menu of Neon Memories Diner. Neon Memories Diner will establish a Backbone page with links to the blob and shortened versions of its posts. Customers will be encouraged to become fans of the Backbone page and then to share the page with their friends.

Lead Generation Plan Neon Memories Diner will generate leads through the following means: Advertising: Radio advertising – fun and playful ads with first-timer code for discount (distinct odes for each radio campaign and station) ; Online pay-per-click advertising – text ads for “family restaurant Weevil” and related keywords ; Local media print advertising – fun and playful ads with first-timer code for discount (distinct codes for each print media outlet) Referrals: Customer referrals ; Membership organization referrals Direct mail campaign: 1,000 suspects in the Weevil area chosen from a purchased list ; Over a six month period, one postcard offering a first-timer discount will be sent to the list each month ; Switch to a new 1,000 suspects after six months Lead generation tracking will be through the POS system at the reception desk of the restaurant. The database will track customers by name and part of their address and will include information on the source of each customer. All customers who take advantage of first-timer discounts or sign up for Neon Points must be registered in the system. The system will be able to attach dollar values to the different sources of leads so that they can be evaluated periodically, and the campaigns can be adjusted or ended if they are not yielding satisfactory results.

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