Ethical Lens Assignment

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My ethical lens inventory report showed me my preferred ethical lens, blind spot, strengths and weaknesses, and my values and the resultant behavior. My preferred ethical lens revealed that I am “none” periscope or paralysis I am in the center or the grid. As I was reading what this meant, I was saying to myself, “Oh yes that is me or yes I tend to do that a lot. ” As I was reading the results, I learned a little more about myself. For example, that I can adapt the right tools to each circumstance to ensure the best result.

I never knew there were tools to solve real life problems. I learned that those tools are not physical, they are in my mind, and they help me determine what the best way to solve a situation is. Something that I already knew about myself was that I like to be fair to everyone around me. I am the type of person who will please everyone around me to whatever they need or want. One thing that caught my attention was that it said at times I could be paralyzing by my ability, and this causes me to be desperate to please everyone.

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This ability gets me into trouble sometimes because is impossible to please everyone. My results for my blind spot revealed that I have no blind spot. This means that I am can see everything around each lens; the good and the bad. Part of ethical maturity. Something else that I learned with this assignment is about my strength and weaknesses. The only weakness I have is adapting to change. I never knew I had this kind of trouble in life, but I learned about something I have to work on. After analyzing it I realize it is a problem.

Because I get nervous when I start meeting new or when I get stuck doing something I cannot do, I start to get frustrated. After learning this about myself, I need to work on making my weakness into strength by adapting to any type of changes in my life. My strengths included following instructions and adhering to values. I am very good when I have instructions in front of me as I build something new or when I have an assignment. Following instructions is my biggest strength in my life because it is something I use every day.

Adhering to values is something new that I learned about myself Just cause I never noticed it in my life. I am the type of person who will stand by the truth in every situation around my. My values and the resultant behaviors I had difficulty locating on my results, but I have many values. Some of my values include autonomy and equality. I do treat people around me equal and believe that everyone is equal. Even though I am married, I like to be very independent with my life. I tend to do everything by myself, and there are times that I need help, but I refuse to ask for it and Just deal with it.

After finishing this assignment, I learned different things about myself that I did not know before. I used to ask myself why I am so sensitive to everything, why I go out of my way to please someone, or why do I get scared when something new arises in my life. The assignment gave me the answers to my questions because I have a little bit of all the four lenses inside me. I do not only see one solution to a problem I see many but also when it comes to a change in my life, I do not see a solution for anything I get stuck and do not know what to do.

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