Personal Ethics Assignment

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The presence and absence of ethics in societal decision making contribute to the successes and shortfalls we experience every day. My personal ethical lens inventory reflected the many characteristics I as an individual contribute to society. This document will discuss certain characteristics such as my preferred ethical lens, my blind spot, my strengths and weaknesses, and my values and resultant behavior. * Through the Ethical Lens Inventory I learned that my personal preferred ethical lens is the Results and Reputation Lens.

I listen to my intuition to make the best decision for the greater good of the community. I always try to consider others feelings and the effects of my actions on others. I believe in sensibility, autonomy and equality. I truly believe that all men and women are equal, regardless of race, color, age, or religion. Also learned through the Ethical Lens Inventory that my core values are balances between myself and others. I equally value free will and equality for all. My strengths consist of self reliance and accountability, demonstrating wisdom in practical matters and avoiding rash behaviors. M entrepreneurial, optimistic, compassionate and courageous. When faced with problems, rely on experience and tradition, and consider all perspectives and points of view. My values include integrity, justice, truthfulness, courage, respect, efficiency, and loyalty. * My weaknesses include expedience and entitlement. My actions can be tempted by what others view as advantageous. My blind spot is I am satisfied with too little good or have unrealistic role expectations. I sometimes fail to be accountable as long as my own personal needs are satisfied. I can become complacent, paving problems for others to figure out.

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I also hold individuals to unrealistic role expectations, relying too much on the virtues of a particular role without considering that people are fallible, regardless of what I may expect often * In conclusion, my definition of ethical behavior is holding ourselves accountable for our own actions and holding ourselves to the highest standards of all that is good. I will continue to use my personal ethics to make responsible choices in my life that will benefit the greater good of the community with dignity, respect, integrity, truthfulness, loyalty, compassion and courage.

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