Personal Ethics Assignment

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Karen Irenics Personal ethics is the key to everyday life because it has shaped me into the young lady that I am today. Personal ethics helps me to figure out how cope with life. Personal ethics to me is your personal morals and values that personally set for you. Those morals and values are your guide to life. My ethical lens inventory results are none. I can see the gifts and the weaknesses of each lens. Can move fluidly among them to adapt the right tools to each situation to ensure the best outcome.

I also listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for everyone as well as the virtues that will best serve the community. My blind spot is none. Can see the strengths and weaknesses of each lens and to harmonize the four core values. Have five strengths. The first is I make ethical choices for myself and others. Can see myself and others clearly. My second strength is doing the right thing. I define an ethical person as one who does the right thing. I old high standards for myself, but at the same time do not judge who fall short.

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My third is tools for analyzing problems. Am in fact, comfortable using all available tools to analyze a problem. My fourth is balance, so I make decisions of self-knowledge, free will, justice, and compassion making sure I have used all lens equally. My fifth is see can see clearly. I see the nature of the problem and use my head and heart to discern, which course of action will best manifest. I have four weaknesses: risk, temptation, vice, and crises. My risk is inaction.

I have the risk of seeing everything and deciding nothing. My temptation IS superiority. I tend to think I am the expert in all matters ethical. My vice is insistence on agreement. I sometimes insist that everyone agree before implementing a solution. That can sabotage the process of making the right decision. My crisis is confusion. The downside of being able to see everyone’s perspective is that I can lose track of my own. I value autonomy and equality equally. I also value rationality and sensibility equally.

Depending on what the circumstances require, can manifest all four classic virtues. I demonstrate wisdom in practical matters. My course of action is simple. If I were to see someone lying, cheating, or stealing I would bring immediately it to someone’s attention because if I do not, I will not have a clear conscience. Therefore, personal ethics is in fact, the key to everyday life because I believe it has shaped me into the young lady that I am today. It is my guide to life and how I cope with it.

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