Ethical Problems Assignment

Ethical Problems Assignment Words: 630

Starting with the first problem about the mayor accepting gifts from people that he has no business with he should not have accepted those gifts because even though they were a nice gesture he can’t because those people are trying to bribe him or they will use it against him as blackmail. He should have politely declined the, and moved on instead of showing that he could be bought with money and nice gifts.

The people who benefit from this are the mayor and possibly the people who gave IM the gifts If the mayor decides to do what they ask of him Like a favor. The consequences of accepting things Like this Is that It wouldn’t mean a good reputation for the mayor If he looks Like a greedy person who will do whatever anyone asks of him If they give him something Like money or gifts. Addressing the second problem about the college instructor pursuing her doctorate degree, what she Is doing Is wrong and it is only for her benefit.

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She is taking away her student’s education when she shouldn’t, as a professor she should know that if she doesn’t change the way she caches with assignments and exams then the students will never learn anything because they have nothing to improve upon and they will never get rid of flaws, if any, found in doing these assignments. What the professor did does not justify what she is doing to the students and she should try to find a better more effective way to help her learn while her students improve as well.

The final problem of Todd and Edna about their marriage and having a child is absolutely wrong. They think that bringing a child in to a already bad marriage is going to help them but they are rang. All they will be doing is getting themselves into deeper problems as in how will they be able to raise the child together if they constantly fight with one another, how will they pay for and support the child to meet its every need?

Todd has problems with keeping a Job which will cause a lot of problems in the future and raising a child is not what they need right now especially since they do not seem like the ideal parents for a child. The child will grow up to have an alcoholic mother and a dad with no Job who constantly fight with each other. Having a child will only cause more problems not solve them, what they need to do is go to counseling or try to get along with each other and help out with their problems or Just a get a divorce If they cannot stand each other anymore.

I am not entirely sure how Locke would address these problems because I do not understand his views to well but from what I can gather Is that he believes that people have a rights by their nature, so that means that these people with problems can do whatever they want Like accept gifts, to intention to give out the same assignments, or to continue drinking and have a child provided that what they are doing Is wealth boundaries of the law.

If they were to do something wrong then their actions would require them to receive a Just punishment. Locke says that people have the capacity to know what Is right and what Is wrong and what is lawful and what Is unlawful but unfortunately not everyone acts that way because sometimes they might be put into the situation without that person they do Just because they find it entertaining.

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