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I was 2 years old, my mom always told me an apple a day keeps the doctor away! But is that true? That essentially means that eating nutritious food will make you healthier. As a result, you will not need to visit the doctor so often. What drives my interest? After losing over 1 00 pounds after high school, started reading more about nutrition and understanding all the facts that mom along with living a healthy life style.

And an apple a day kept the doctor away continued to come up in my readings, which has always made me enquiring as to why exactly an apple, and where did that phrase initially originate from. I believe this commonplace assertion fits well with this assignment because there two sides to the story, some people do believe eating an apple every day will reduce your visits to the doctors, but other would argue otherwise.

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This phrase has become a legend in my traditions around the world, parents from the Americas to the Middle East say it to their children often. I found a few resources in my initial search that might help me in the progress of writing this assignment. One of which is called Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away? And Other Questions about Your Health and Body by S. Donovan. This book Will essentially use science to prove such common place assertions and they investigate many health problems that are al related to this topic.

And found another academic journal that is called Does an apple a day keep the doctor away by C. Thompson which could assist in my research. My only struggle that I could envision is the repetitiveness of the subject matter as there is only so many theory I can analyze. I believe finding resources will not be a problem because of the vast amount of information I have been finding online and in the library.

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