History B Assignment

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Share Click the blue box in the upper right corner. Click Change and select” Anyone with the link can edit Click Save, then Done. 4. Us bomb Copy the link and submit assignment to Gradation. Examine this prompt, then type your response below: Americans have often had to balance the need for national security with the need to protect people’s rights and freedoms. In times of crisis, rights are sometimes limited. Beginning in the late sass, the Cold War dominated American life.

For a number of years, the nation was in the grip of a new Red Scare. Although the hunt for communists did catch some spies, it also disrupted the lives of thousands of innocent Americans. The following list displays the actions taken by the Truman administration to address the public concern about domestic communism: President Truman created a Federal Employee Loyalty Program in March 1 94 7. The order permitted the FBI and other government security agencies to screen fee real employees for signs Of political disloyalty.

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The Truman administration also used the 1 940 Smith Act to cripple the Com insist Party in the United States. This act made it unlawful to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the U. S. Government. Congress joined in the search for communists. In 1938, the House of Repress natives had created the House Americana Activities Committee (HUGH) to investigate pop Seibel subversive activities by fascists, Nazis, or communists.

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