Anatomy And Physiology Assignment

Anatomy And Physiology Assignment Words: 343

The Brain: A Neuroscience Primer, 2nd edition. W. H. Freeman and Company (1993). You will also find all additional materials posted at womb. E-course. Coca. Keg, code word: “barbarian” Course description From the human anatomy perspective we will study the nervous system and he Structure Of the brain, identify its different lobes and cortices, and analyze various tissues and organ systems within CONS in accordance to their functional and regional contexts..

You will learn about neuron development and plasticity, neurological systems, such as the sensory and motor systems, and the neural mechanisms of such complex phenomena, as memory, cognition, and emotions. Course objectives The main goal of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to examine the structural and functional features of human nervous system and Geiger nervous activity in the pursuit of deeper understanding of the biological basics of human behavior.

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Thus, core objectives of the course are: Identification of the organization of the CONS and its anatomy alongside explanation of the interactions and communication between major organ systems, Thorough presentation and explanation of the complementary interaction between structure and function complement within human nervous system, Sound investigation and analysis of the major neurological systems in the human body, Overview of the contemporary search methodology used for historical and modern neuroscience studies, Analysis of neurological mechanisms underlying higher behavioral functions, such as language, emotion, learning, as well as those involved in various psychopathology states.

Course assessment 1 Attendance and participation – 10%. Students are expected to attend every class. Missing more than 3 classes without presenting a proper excuse (e. G. Medical certificate) will affect your grade. 2 Mini-tests – 40%. Mini-tests will take place every week to ensure that students have prepared their reading assignments, to evaluate students’ understanding and comprehension of the course materials, and to help students in preparation for the final exams. 3 Presentation and discussion facilitation -? 10%. Students will be required to make an individual presentation for the course and facilitate the discussion based on the presentation material in class.

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