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Indent first line of each paragraph one tab (should be between 5 and 7 spaces) Double-spaced text, with only one double space between paragraphs (no extra spaces that later versions Of Word defaults to add them, and they must be removed) Page numbers: upper right corner at the right margin (flush right), just the number, no word ‘page’ or p. Running head, a shortened version of the title of the paper. On title page, “Running head: (SHORTENED TITLE HERE-?IN ALL CAPS) on pages following, just the shortened title, no phrase “running head. Should begin at the left margin at the top of every page and the shortened title needs to be in al capital letters. Title page: always page number 1 (upper right corner), with the full running head. Centered on page, just above the middle of the page, type the title of the assignment, your name on the next line, and on the next line down type the class info (i. E. CEO 6200). Do not use a pre-formatted title page template. Abstract, unless stated otherwise in the assignment guidelines, this should be included on the page after the title page.

The running head and page number at the top, then the title Abstract centered at the top of the page, then one double-space below, type the abstract, which is basically a summary of your paper that is between 150 and 250 words in length. Should only be one paragraph. Always write in 3rd person-?never 1st person (“l”), or 2nd person (“you”, “we”, “our’) In text citations-?when paraphrasing information from a source: (authors last name, year). Note: there is no period after the text, but there is one after the citation.

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In text citations-?for direct quotes: (authors last name, year, p. _). Note: there is no period after the text, but there is one after the citation, and the closing quotation mark follows the last word in the quote. Also note that if here is no author, you use the title of the source instead. Block quote if the direct quote has 40 or more words, then: left indent 5 spaces or 1 tab no change in right margin double-spaced no quotation marks period (. ) at end of text, then in-text citation. (authors last name, year, p. ) Reference page: always a separate page the title “References” centered at top of page with no punctuation after the word, and the word References is not bold or underlined use only the sources that you have cited in the text the list of sources is alphabetized by last name of first author or first main rod of title when there is no author double-spaced, no extra spaces the first line of source at left margin, then additional lines indented 5 spaces or 1 tab author’s last name comes first, then initial(s), for example: Peterson, L. Italicize book titles and journal titles as well as the volume(issue) information that follows capitalize only the first word of the title of the article or book, and the first word after a colon (:) there should be no hyperlinks (blue URL), turn the hyperlinks Off do not use the enter key to divide up the citation information from line-to-line, the taxation is one continuous paragraph do not underline the title of articles or books, and nothing in the citation should be all in upper case letters except acronyms found in titles. o not use bold font for any part of the citation the sources are not numbered, and they are not billeted Examples of PAP citations: Here are some examples of PAP citations of some of the most commonly used kinds of sources. Note that have included little red prompts so you know what kind of source each citation represents. But, when you create your page of References, do not include little red words like these, just the tuitions. Note that you will see the proper formatting for the author’s name, the article date, the article title, journal title (if appropriate), information to cite an electronic source, etc.

Note that the structure of each citation is very specific, for example, cite the author as last name first, then first initial followed by a period, then cite the date in parentheses followed by a period, then the article title, etc. Take a minute to notice the specific language and order and you will have a much easier time citing in PAP. (Article with author from Website) John, D. C. (2008, Mar. 26). 008 Social Security Trustees report continues to show the urgency of reform. Retrieved from http://www. Heritage. Org/ Research/Selectivity/wampum. FM (Article with no author from Website-?so we use the organization as the author) Social Security Administration. (2008, March 25). Frequently asked questions about social security’s future. Retrieved from http://MN. Ass. Gob/sq. HTML (Book) American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th deed. ) Washington D. C. : American Psychological Association. (Article with multiple authors from an online journal) Backer, K. Brown, J. R. , Holt-Akin, D. , & Organ, P. (Spring 2008).

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