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Communicating: A social and career focus. (1 lath deed. ). Boston: Allan & Bacon. Pack of 50 3″ x 5″ ruled index cards Classroom Policies Please wear professional attire to class when you are scheduled to present. Your presentations will be recorded. Encourage you to visit the Media Center (located on the 2nd floor of Skinner) so that you can get feedback from a coach prior to speech day. Given the topic and interactive nature of this course, on-time attendance at all class meetings is especially important. You are allowed three “free” absences for any reason.

After the third absence, you will lose two points off your Participation and Effort grade for each class meeting that you miss (unless your absence is excused). Remember to turn off your cell phones and Pads before entering the classroom. If a student was caught using cell phone for non-academic purposes for the first time, such as testing, s/he will be given a warning. For the following times of being caught using cell phone for non-academic purposes, the student will be marked as being absent without a legitimate excuse.

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The instructor will not inform that student of points being taken off when it happens. Laptop use is not allowed in the class. You may not eat or chew gum in class. Please notify me before class if you need to leave early for any reason. There are no makeup for presentations or exams unless you were absent due to a religious holiday, illness, or university-sponsored activity. In the case of religious holidays or university-sponsored activities, you must provide written notification no later than one week prior to the absence.

In the case of illnesses, you must provide appropriate documentation on the day that you return to class if you want your absence to be excused. If you miss the final exam, you must contact the instructor within 45 hours from the scheduled final exam time, otherwise you will receive O on your final exam. For a medically necessitated absence from a single class, you may submit a self- signed note that attests to the date of the illness. The note must contain an acknowledgement that the information is true and correct and that providing false information is prohibited under the Code of Student Conduct.

This option is only available one time during the semester. (Note: You may not submit a self-signed note if you are absent on a day when a Major Scheduled Grading Event is scheduled. ) If you experience additional medically necessitated absences (or if you are absent on a day when a Major Scheduled Grading Event is scheduled), you are required to provide written documentation of the illness from the Health Center or from an outside health care provider. Kindly enter the classroom quietly if you arrive late.

Note that if you arrive more than five minutes late to class, you will be marked “late. ” If you are marked late three different times, you will accrue an unexcused absence. In the event the university closes due to inclement weather, I will announce changes to the class or assignment schedule via e- mail. Grade appeal policy: If you believe the points of an individual assignment score or your final grade is calculated incorrectly, please approach the instructor so that she can adjust your score.

If your grade is calculated correctly, but you disagree with the grade you earned on an individual assignment and want to appeal it, please talk to the instructor in person during her office hours within 5 school days of receiving the grade you want to appeal. After your meeting with the instructor, if you still disagree with the grade you earned on that assignment, please provide a written appeal stating the specific reasons why you believe your assignment was incorrectly evaluated, and submit this written appeal to your instructor.

The unresolved and written appeal will be taken to Dry. Woolen, the course supervisor. You, Dry. Woolen, and the instructor will set up a meeting to discuss your grade appeal. Assignment Guidelines You must submit written assignments in class on the day that they are due. Assignments will be penalized 10% if they are submitted late and an additional 10% each calendar day that they are missing. If you plan to miss class the day that an assignment is due, you must leave the assignment in my mailbox before the start time of the class. E-mailed assignments will not be accepted.

If you miss class due to an illness and cannot submit the assignment On time, please contact me as soon as possible. You must type and double space your assignments, number each page, set the margins to one inch, and use Times New Roman 12 point font. If there is a rubric for that assignment, please print off the rubric, too. Please staple the rubric in front of your assignment and turn them in. (Do not use paper clips, folders, or cover pages. ) Remember to proofread your assignment before submitting it! You must cite your sources using PAP format.

If you neglect to cite your sources, you will receive a zero on the assignment. Academic Integrity Forms of dishonesty in this course include, but are not limited to: (1) cheating or helping someone else cheat on an assignment or exam; (2) delivering part or all of a speech that you did not author; (3) popularizing part or all of someone else’s written or oral work; (4) failing to cite your sources properly; and (5) falsifying information about any topic, such as why you were absent or whom you interviewed for an assignment. You should carefully review the Code of Academic Integrity: http:// www. President. U/policies/docs/all-AAA. PDF Note that all honor code violations will be referred to the Student Honor Council. Please keep the University of Maryland Honor Pledge In mind at all times: pledge on my honor that have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination. Students with Disabilities The Disability Support Service (ADS) is ready to assist eligible students in determining and implementing appropriate academic recommendations. If you have a disability, please visit http://www. Counseling. Mud. Du/ADS to learn how to request accommodations or special testing arrangements.

You just notify me of the situation prior to the end of the third week of class. It is your responsibility to work with ADS to make the appropriate arrangements. University Classroom Climate The University Of Maryland strives to foster classroom environments in which students feel valued and comfortable. In this course, we will touch on stereotypes of culture, gender, and sexuality. Please be prepared to discuss these subjects in a manner that does not discourage or devalue the diversity and differences among your classmates. You can read the full Statement on Classroom Climate here: http:// www. Faculty. Mud. Du/teach/classmates. Ml Communication Research Studies Since the university of Maryland is a research institution, you are required to participate in one hour of communication research (worth two points of your Participation and Effort grade). You can find opportunities online at http:// miscommunication. Soon-systems. Com. These opportunities are available on a first come, first served basis. Extra Credit After you have participated in the required amount of research, you can earn extra credit for participating in additional studies. You will receive two points for every one hour that you devote to communication research studies.

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