Ethics Pledge and Project Proposal Assignment

Ethics Pledge and Project Proposal Assignment Words: 321

Ethics Pledge and project proposal Student Name (Typed): I understand that the Graduation Project, in all of its phases, is to be completed independently under the supervision of my English teachers. The topic I choose for my research paper and the product I complete must represent a learning stretch beyond my current knowledge. If I commit plagiarism in the research paper or falsify the project in any ay (exaggerating fieldwork hours, lying, forging signatures on any forms, falsifying mentor information), I will be penalized and this may prevent me from successfully completing the components and graduating.

I must be responsible in meeting deadlines, completing requirements, and making sure the required elements, as Failure to do so may prevent me from graduating. That I am responsible for maintaining a professional and neat portfolio that meets the specifications detailed in the Graduation Project Student Manual. I must give an oral presentation before a anal of community members that clearly details the research and real-world. This Graduation Project is a local graduation requirement and that failure to complete all four components will result in not graduating on time with my class. Student’s Signature Parent’s Signature • Ethics Pledge and Project Proposal

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Student’s Name: English Teacher: Proposed Research Question: To Be Completed by the Graduation Project Steering Committee Approved Clarification Needed* Denied* *Please review the reason(s) documented below that explains why your Graduation Project Topic Proposal has not been approved at this time. You should revise your proposal and resubmit it within five school days. *Clarification is needed because: The proposed topic does not represent a significant learning stretch. Topic is too broad. Topic is too narrow. Incomplete information on proposal. Limited product options or challenges are likely with this topic. *Denied because: Violates Stanley County Schools’ policies. Topic is not a learning stretch or not appropriate. Suggestions for improving proposal: Approval of Resubmitted Proposal Date

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