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Although the brand had problems at the strategic level, Salsas had Its own share of Innovations. It had a innovative squeeze package for the jams which is available for only RSI. 2. Which became very popular. Besides all migrations, its Jams were very popular . Kissing even used Rural Dravidian to endorse the brand. Main reason for endorsing the brand at that time by rural drawl Is that he Is carry strong player In the minds of the consumers due to his performances and specially kids are the big fan followers of rural Dravidian at that instance of time.

The brand also has came out with Low calorie Jam to appeal to the health conscious crowd to all of its consumers who want to take it as in both advantages of this product as taste with health. Another tool used by salsas Jam was that they are partnering with Delaney to design packaging strategy for their brand In the processed food sector. Len this specially to woo kids kissing is designing Disney 1 OFF packaging and and identity has been designed by “D cell” and the advertising has been created by Lowe India. They feature famous cartoon characters to lure kids as recognizing is the pester power of kids.

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Another tool should be using magazines,news papers radio announcements,web pages,television adds,press kits and campaigns and hunt shows specially targeting for kids using their interest sources so that they are more indulge to buy it. They are also introduced a new easy to squeeze tube Jam called kissing Jam squeeze. This tool is mainly used by the company to pump up the volumes and to make product available in a good looking and convenient tube so that the product have a looking factor also. This format of kissing Jams in tube is based on the insight that they are helping the moms of kids to get wholesome food to kids.

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