Effects of Computer Shop in the Academic Performances Assignment

Effects of Computer Shop in the Academic Performances Assignment Words: 369

The questionnaire made use of the liker scale to determine the preference of the students towards computer shop use and to the extent to its impact on the academic performance of the students. In today’s world, computer shops are everywhere. It is a really big help for people who can’t afford to buy their own computer. Especially for students, computer shop helps these students in many ways. They rely their projects, assignments and search papers on computer.

And during student’s free time; they enjoy games, backbone, youth and other sites using the computer. But at times, students neglect their studies and get addicted to computer games. Cutting classes happens. Certain percentage of LISP-SC Entrepreneur Students are renting computer for their own different reasons. People are stretching their budget because of global economic crisis. Most especially the students In which they have to consider school expenses that will enable them to earn a degree. This study will Identify the effects of computer shop

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In the academic performances of the Entrepreneurs students In LISP Mall Campus Background of the study Aside from food and shelter, our education is also considered as one of the most important aspects in our lives. We value education so much that we give our best for us to attain the so-called diploma/degree. That is why parents and students themselves make sure that they have the easiest way to achieve their goal – to be successful in terms of education. Especially nowadays, it is needed for us to at least gain 2 to 4 years college degree.

Every student wants to have high grades and a high degree of education that will help them in the near future. Today, computers help students to achieve such grades. It can solve more than one kind of problem. How about the students who can’t afford to have their own computer? Does computer games and social networking affects their studies? How can computer shop affect their academic performances? There are a lot of reasons why students go to computer shops. This study will show if students are renting computers for their studies or Just neglect the studies to have fun.

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