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The effects of computers on the world Abstract In our societies today, no one could really predict the actual effects of computers, but the changes that have taken place on the people’s daily lives are actually evident. The manner in which people over depend on the computers technology has rapidly Increased and has brought several changes on the economic sector, political sector, and the education sector. The computers could possibly isolate from each other. They could also alter the face-to-face communication between people(Miss 52-63). This paper focuses on the discussion about the effects of computers on the world.

Introduction In the last decades, there has been a very high revolution in communication and computing. All the researches shows that use of the information technology and the technological progress would continue growing at a very high rate. The evidence and support of the increased use and power of technology Is the decreasing costs of communications due to Increased competently and Improved technologies(Hussy 1-5). These improvements and advances bring about several benefits to the society but at the same time, they bring some major challenges to the society in general.

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Currently, computer and information technology innovations bring about wide-ranging Impacts to different fields In the society. The fields Include electronic commerce through the internet where business transactions done through the internet. The computer technology of e-commerce has Just been nonexistence for a few years but its effects have greatly altered the social environment and economic activities. The e-commerce affects sectors such as finance, retail trade, and communication sector(Season and Robe 72-77).

A computer is an electronic tool that receives, accepts, and processes information through following a given set of instructions to generate an efficient and accurate outcome. Today’s computers are the work of innovations that started during the Second World War(Plushy, Baboon and Joseph 200-213). The way representing information in a physical object and then obtaining the results through the manipulation of the object is a very old way. Through the traditional world, people used various devices like knotted twine, notched bones, and the abacus to perform some calculations and represent Information.

During the 16th century, authenticating invented calculators that used clockwork mechanisms that are not computers in the modern society. Today’s computers are automatic hence; they could perform tasks without any human involvement(Season and Robe 67-77). Literature review of the effects of computers on the world There research on the actual effects of computers on the world Is until now very scarce but it represents a good percentage of the real picture of the impacts of computers. Boor (1980) suggests that learning should use computer as their support.

Boor also suggests that there Is a lot of support for the use of computers In learning s shown through the research of the voters In the united States that supported the expenditure on information and communication technology than any other expenditure in the education sector(Boor. A 4-13). Maverick. Light & p. H (1992) states ‘OFF the computers could teach students like the teachers(Membrane, A. R. And EIGHT 12-17). Bali, Wright, Foster & P. N. (1997) found out that computer technology in schools made teachers to realize the capabilities of students on how to use the computers.

This aspects made many schools to change their perceptions about the amputees and then increased confidence among the teachers and students on how to use the computers(Bali, S. J and Wright 26-34). Foldable, Guilford, Stash, Dundee, Cohen, Pasha & Hughes (1996) argues that the teachers who uses and accesses computer leaning and online access acquires a very wide range of information from other teachers and students, and they acquire a positive social interactions with parents than those teachers and students who do not use online computers access.

They also argue that use of computers in learning has increased competency among the students and teachers. The use of online computer use also made teachers report a high quality of results from students who use laptop computers than those students who do not use computers. The use of computer in a learning environment enabled students having computers to assemble, organize present data in multimedia formats for assignments associated to projects based on the particular unit of study(Falseness, S. Guilford and N.

Stalls 16-22). Tierney, Kefir, Stilwell, Ideas, Whaling (1992) found out that students who use computers in learning express their ideas in a well experienced manner using graphical besides non-liner forms. The computer use also increases writing skills, reading skills and teamwork among the students. They also found out that students were able to generate their hypermedia software during the introduction of computers in learning environment. The use of computers has lead to establishment of violent computer games in schools.

Miss (2007) argues that the most effective manner in which computer use has affected work is through the reduction of the significance of distance. Hussy (2007) argues that the use of computer could create employment on the society and t the same time lead to loss of employment to some groups of people in the society. Computer use could also lead to displacement of people in various fields of employment(Hussy 1-3). Discussion The effects of computers on the world today are evident, but the future effects are not predictable.

The use of computers has effects on varies aspects or sectors in our societies. Computers have affected the education sector in the learning environment, the workplace and market labor, the business models. Computer use could also lead to the displacement of personnel from organizations and companies. Computers could create employment to a given group of persons(Willoughby and Wood 23-67). In the education sector, the ancient learning environment teachers used more time giving out instructions, asking, and answering questions, leading the discussions, and managing the classrooms.

In this form of learning environment, students mostly ask and answers questions, they work as a group, and individuals too, while in a computer technology learning environment, teachers spend more time in demonstrating, listening and talking to students, directing activities, while the dents mostly engages on projects, communicating with other students, and in small groups. The use of computers in the learning environment enhances opportunities of small group and project oriented environment for learning(Barrios research and inquiry carried out independently.

The teachers act as facilitators in computer learning environments and the students could access a broad range of sources of information for their assignments. The degree of technology incorporation in on computer learning environment is greater than the environment without computers(Season and Robe 16-24). Through research, it shows using computers in schools there tend to be a high use of computers by students at home to do school homework. Computers have also lead to increased student discipline and school attendance too has improved.

Computers have generally increased the achievements of students in terms of quality in their assignments and projects. In the market, labor and workplace computers have enabled people to communicate like a face-to- face manner without seeing each through telephones and written nodes. Computers allow utilization of communication infrastructures that provides a 24-hours service ND are global. Computers use affects the social interaction in industries, companies, and organizations. Computer use enhances peer-to-peer relation in various departments in organizations through information sharing and activity coordination.

Subordinates and superiors relations could become more intense due to use of computers in monitoring the workers. The use of email through computers could lower communication barriers in different levels leading to a more uninhibited communications among the subordinates and supervisor. The use of computers reduces distance significance and favors telecommuting hence affecting the accidence patterns of the people. Use of the computers could make workers find it easier working from home than in a centralized workplace thus this could lead to increased demand for homes that are physically and climatically attractive(Reader and Reader 27-32).

This could lead to shift in employment from suburbs to remote regions. The values of properties could increase in the most preferred regions and fall in the suburbs regions. The use of computers has also affected the business models. Using computers companies and organization could outsource their own manufacturing in there countries and depend on the telecommunications to do the marketing of their products. Use of computers could keep the manufacturing groups in close contact with the distribution teams.

Hence this leads to labor division among nations resulting to increased demand for given techniques in every country. Using computers organizations gains freedom to create competition between nations, locate economic activities, capital, and labor. Computer use opens for regulatory arbitrage(Soulless 12-17). The use of computers could lead to the removal of intermediaries who provides significant information between the sellers and buyers. The removal results to reduced costs in the distribution and production chain. This shows loss of employment using computers.

Companies and organizations could use computers to manage their operations through telephones and computer tracking devices. Through computer use, nonphysical goods as software could be electronically shipped avoiding all costs and transport channel. This results to disintermediation through the whole chain of distribution, lower prices to end- customers, reduced costs, and increased margins of profit. Computer use could also create employment to people. Computer deals with assembling, recording, and storing data so it could create employment because it could need people to go to the and record the data.

After recording the data the information technology expertise uses the computer to record and store the data collected hence all these creates employment to various persons in the society in general. Opinion In the current world, using of computers has really affected the way people think, perform their activities, and evaluates the meaning of life. Computers have made people to work from home hence minimizing the cost of living. People should learn to acquire computers and use them appropriately in their daily lives. Conclusion The use of computers as greatly changed people’s way of life.

Introduction of computers has greatly affected the learning environment and the education sector positively. Computers have made students to improve in their representation of ideas through using computers. The computers have made the work of the teachers in the classroom easier and comfortable. Computers have made learning more challenging and relevant to the real world. Computers have increased the quality of education in the project presentation. They have lead to increased skills and competency among students in schools.

The use of computers has lead to reduced costs of communication, transport, and commuting expenses by the workers. The use of computers has lead to the introduction of firms that provide goods and services to the clients in a 24-hour basis. Computers have lead to loss of employment to some groups of people in the societies, while it has created employment to others. Computers have cut out face-to-face contact between the people. The use of computers has lead to increased costs of properties like houses depending on the socialites of well-established regions that enhance computer use.

Computer use has made the work of managers and executives easier due to the innovation of new monitoring systems of the subordinates in the workplaces. The relation between the seniors and the subordinates has become intense due to the introduction of the new systems of monitoring through computers.

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