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They have test scores to prove it. According to a recent study, (Examiner. Com) Home Schooled children have been known to score in the 86th percentile more so than their peers. Home school and public school, although seemingly diverse are actually very similar. They both adhere to a strict schedule. They take the same amount of classes, and have to be educated in the same subjects to graduate. They go by the same grade scale, and all assignments need to be graded and scored. Home schooled children also need to take accredited classes Just like public schooling so they can be educated for college, and be prepped for the STATS.

They both have physical education classes and although there are variations to this, they are still taught about the importance of being active and staying healthy. They also learn new sports and exercise and are taught about how beneficial it is to stay active and participate. In some areas there are even sports teams. (HAS, 2014) Just like public schools have their very own sports teams such as basketball, volleyball, etc. There are many home school groups that have put together teams that are run y parents and hired coaches to have sports Just like public schools do.

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Homesteaded children can also have school spirit. Most home schools have curriculums from actual physical schools, so you can still have school T-shirts, bags, etc. And be proud of the schooling you receive. There are many differences but most of them are beneficial. There isn’t a strict time frame for school like public. Although there may be strict schedules, it’s much easier to take a day off here or there if a child is sick. You also don’t have to worry about excuse notes and absence letters from the searchers once you bring them back.

Since there isn’t a large class size you can spend less time on each subject so your school day can be much shorter. Your children will have more time for extracurricular activities. These can be done earlier in the day when most children are in school. This gives children the advantage of taking more classes or getting done earlier in the day. There is no required dress code so if you are lower income you don’t have to worry about your child having the ‘latest’ things in fashion. They won’t feel pressured to fit in with the constant pushes of peers and the media.

One of the biggest and best aspects of home schooling is the ability to customize the lesson plan to your child. If they need help with a subject they can spend more time on it or go to a lower level of school work if they need help with something. If they are more advanced they can skip ahead to a higher level. There also isn’t the usual school year time frame, so if your student wishes, they can graduate high school and go to college as young as sixteen years of age. Homecomings isn’t for every family and many parents are afraid they won’t be able, but there are many reasons to choose homecomings.

Most home school programs such as Sexton Home Study School (Stanhope. Org) have laid out lesson plans, fully accredited classes, and are put together so parents can easily understand what to do each day. There are also tests to be sent back to the school for actual grading. There are also free options as well such as public school online (kill 2. Com) Homecomings is great for military families that move around many times. One of the main concerns of military parents is the frustration of constantly switching schools, but with home schooling this doesn’t become an issue. There is a bigger sense of security.

In areas of bigger cities and even in smaller cities violence can be a very big problem at schools. Homecomings can take away this sense of worry knowing that your child is safe at home. Homecomings is great for children involved in many different activities as well. Many parents that have children in gymnastics or dance choose to home school so they can make competition’s and meets for their child. It can allow your child to thrive in a non-judgmental environment, without the worry of peer pressure and what their peers constantly think of them. It also allows children to hire in an environment that they can be comfortable in.

Homecomings is one of the best things that we have as parents. It may (and sometimes cannot be) the best or only choice, but it’s something that we as parents can be grateful for. There are many reasons to celebrate home schooling and the schools that put the curriculums together to make it easiest as possible for us parents. Homecomings is a custom choice that offers a flexible lifestyle while still catering to the individual needs of your child. It can help ease the stresses of military life, and even help your child by peeping them from the stresses of their peers, so they can truly focus on school work.

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