The Good Immigrant Students Draft Assignment

The Good Immigrant Students Draft Assignment Words: 929

Unguent open up with her article by explaining her way to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan as an immigrants students. She also describe living with family on a gray house on Baldwin Street, she was living with her Father, Grandmother, three uncle, her sister and her. The life was hard living because they have to deal with paranoid and struggles. It was a new world for her and her family so they were trying to adapt in this situation.

For the author, living in America was confuse, she felt like living in America was a treat or her warning for people of her type. Specifically for Thai people. The author also described how she was forced to speak English. At first, she thought that they were trying to make her forget her first language so she could only speak English but she was wrong. She also realize that kids like her was living a mixture of language. They were speaking Thai at home and English at school.

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She felt like that way will affect a lot of things in her abilities to speak two language and it will be confuse for her. The author show us that she was a little bit curious about the living style of others kids. There is a day, he was on her way back to home, and she missed her stop bus so she had a long ride in downtown and discover the living style of other kids. The author says he was a good experience for her because she saw that some kids was living a good life and some was living a bad life. Those are the things who make her realize what is really living in America.

The author also described her high school experience. She talks about the transformation from the struggle of her identity to her simply not caring of her identity. She also talks about how she discover to adapt and overcome some trouble, she achieve it y being a good immigrant students. Specially, being active in class and confident. The author also described her personality and her sister personality. The author was a shy and well-mannered kids when her sister was rebellious and was smoking cigarette.

The author also talk about the moment where she had to move to a new neighbors hood where the high school program was a little bit harder and complex that the previous one. The author says she kept the same attitude, she was still a good immigrants students and she a lot of confident on herself. She starts participating in mom cultural activities in school which she was successful, she always trying to be herself even her life was not as good as she expected. The author kept the same attitude and never change it, she felt like her attitude help her a lot during her high school period.

The author write this article to help these immigrant students who are going in the same path that she did. She fear about it. The author suggest that no one should endure what she did endure during her life. The author also says that whatever what those children are going through, she expect them to end up like she did or better than what she did. The author trying to explain how hard it was for her and how easy she went through it so she want everybody who are living the same situation should went trough it like she did.

This article is really helpful for people like me. On my first draft I explain my life here as international students, it wasn’t that easy for serial reason like the language, the culture and other stuff. The author went through a kind of racism because of who she is. It is a kind of things I went through it when I first got here, people was look at me like I’m somebody else, you can tell by they face expression which was saying ” what s guy doing here, he came a country from African but how did he even get here”.

I also have been through in some situation where your instructor treat you like somebody who doesn’t know anything, just the way they were talk to me I felt like they think know less things because I’m from Africa. It was kind of nice from them because the way they were talking to me and also they were always make sure that know serial things. Sometime, I was feeling that the treatment was wrong but I could not say anything or do anything about it, had to take it. I resolve it by doing all my assignment, be active in class and aka a good grade in all Of y courses.

When you analyze my situation it almost similar as the author. If I had to give an advice to somebody who is going to the same path, will tell him to do not change his behavior because of the way they are treating him but He has to show them that he is better that what they think about him. By doing a great job at school, he will have the respect and treat that he deserve which is the same way the author resolve this situation. I really love the article because it is helpful for anybody who is going in the same path and he is entertaining for everybody.

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