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Your topic must be important enough for you to expand to that length. You might use one of the topics you wrote down in your Student Guide. Answer the following questions to plan your essay. Remember: You need to complete the assignment by the due date to receive full credit. (10 points) .

What topic have you chosen for your essay? Why have you chosen this topic? *Remember – you can use the same topic as your paragraph topic in Unit 1 if it was persuasive. * Answer: Public school vs.. KEY. I have chosen this topic because when I decided to enrolled in home schooling, was blasted by many peoples opinion regarding my decision. My parents, family, and friends all had advice on whether or not this might be a good choice for me. (5 points) 2. Who will be your intended audience?

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Your audience should be more than just your teacher. ) Answer: My audience would be anyone thinking about enrolling in home schooling. (10 points) 3. What will your thesis statement be? Remember that a thesis Statement is the main idea of your essay. Answer: My thesis statement would be that home schooling a child does not mean that the child will fail socially. That if a student wants to be involved in sports either on a team or as a viewer they are still able to do just that.

Being schooled at home is not for every child but I believe for some children it is a good decision. (15 points) 4. List at least three details you would like to include in your essay. Be specific! Answer: Solicitation of a child that is home schooled is still a reachable goal, if a child has the ability to be social. A child can join community events or teams. Being involved in extra-curricular activities IS still a choice that can be made by the student or the family.

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