Customer relationship management Assignment

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As the company stands second in India in aspect of turnover after Kodak Maidenhair Securities, it;s clear that it has very strong Customer Relationship Management System and perfect people to handle it properly for the benefit of customers and company as well. Actual and personal meeting with existing customers and employees ha: brought me to the reality of the effectiveness of the system and their success. For analyzing the same factor I staked my whole duration of the project and multitudinously for internal study and market watch and other group assignments.

Questionnaire is based on the existing services and the satisfaction level of the existing customers which includes questions like Name, Age, Gender, Income, Investment Frequency, feedback about services which they are provided like conformation, calls, suggestions, solutions on stuck money like dead investment and all. On an average all the customers are happy with the company and look forward to the growth of it. C. Scope of the study: Scope the this study is it will assist Relegate to get its own Customer

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Relationship Management system mirror well and it will get all the important things before eyes to apply all the possible ways to provide a superb service to the customers and accordingly make them loyal and retain them long lasting and also to get new customers to be served. Scopes can be stated in few points as follows. O Maintain current / existing customers. O Achieve new potential customers. 0 Retain all the customers. O Profitability Increment o Reputation and credibility Increment, etc.

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