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In my assignment will explain in detail one chosen job in the Uniformed Services. The job that I chose to talk about is in the Police Service and is about “forensic scientist In my work I will include details about their daily routine and what is their role in the Police Service. The role of the forensic scientists in the Police Service is that they provide scientific evidence for use in courts of law to support the prosecution or defense in criminal and evil investigations.

Their main role is to search for evidence and to put the events in the order that they happen. When they arrive at a crime scene after everything happen they have to look after evidence such as: blood and other body fluids, hairs, fibers from clothing, paint and glass fragments, tire marks, flammable substances used to Start fires, analyzing fluid and tissue samples for traces of drugs and poisons, analyzing handwriting signatures, ink and paper, recovering data from computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment.

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Most of the evidences are usually presented in writing as a formal statement but the forensic scientists may have to go court to give their evidence in person. As every job that haves positive and negative part the forensic scientists are included as well. One bad thing for the forensic scientist is that they know that they do directly contribute to the capture of dangerous people.

As I said above there may happen when a forensic scientists have to give the evidences in person and during the case in the rout a relative or a friend of the criminal that is the offender can see the scientist and could harm him in the future in case the offender goes to jail. A negative aspect of this job is the environment that you work in. Both forensic scientists who work in the lab and those who visit crime scenes face potentially dangerous work environments. Much of the analysis that they do depends on the use of possibly toxic chemicals.

They also examine potentially hazardous substances such as bodily fluid and must follow strict safety protocols. Another negative aspect of the job is the stress that you have to deal with. Witnessing the aftermath of brutal crimes is an occupational hazard unavoidable in forensic science. Forensic scientists sometimes visit the crime scene to where they are going to examine the body of the victim or to study the blood spatter. This job requires that the person is doing to have a strong mind so he doesn’t get distracted during the examination.

Another important thing at this job is that if the person is doing it likes it a lot it could get him personally involved in a case. For example during an examination no- one could prove that the offender done the crime, and the scientist knows that he could prove it but he doesn’t know how to, he could get personal involved by doing examination at home. This is a bad impact because if the scientist is going to pay attention to only one case that is going to be bad for his job and in case he has family he could put the case on the first place and leave the others behind. The forensic scientists have an important role at a major incident.

In case of an important crime happens is the scientist that loud make the difference. They can find important clues such as blood, hair or anything that has to do with the victim or the criminal. This could be the most important thing that the Police needs to arrest the criminal if there are evidences that shows he done the crime. In conclusion have explained what is the role and what activities can a forensic scientist do, I also explained couple of positive and negatives aspects of this job and in the end I have talked about the role of forensic scientist at a major incident.

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