Cultural Events Paper Assignment

Cultural Events Paper Assignment Words: 445

There are two parts to this assignment. First this assignment asks you to learn about and participate in three local activities involving people from other cultures. The second part of the assignment consists of an analysis written in response to your attendance and observations of the three different intercultural events. Want you to “field test” some of the knowledge you are gaining in class.

Part One: You will select three intercultural events in which to participate. These can be festivals, cultural events such as music or theater performances, craft demonstrations, or a visit to a local cultural center. Obviously you should not wait until the week of the due date to look for events. Begin searching now for suitable activities, and write up your reports as soon as you have participated in them. To find events start by talking to your classmates in COM 263. Also check with friends and family.

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Obviously the internet or local newspapers can also be great resources. (Part of the purpose of the assignment is to make you aware of what the local community offers. Consider attending events with other classmates, this can make it less scary and generates from great discussion. You need to check with me ahead of time to make sure the events chosen are acceptable. I’ve attached a form you may use to get this approval; please turn it in with the assignment. Part Two: Write a 4-5 page analysis of your experiences.

This is not a summary but an academic analysis using the material from class. For each event address the following points: 1 . Describe the event, its purpose, the cultural group originating the event, and how you learned of the event. 2. Are there similar events in your culture, or are there events which serve the same purpose as this one? 3. What did you see and experience at the event that you feel confident you understood correctly? (Here you may discuss your cultural competence. 4. What did you notice that was culturally puzzling to you? (In other words what did you not understand, or where were you not as competent? Any ethnocentrism on your part? 5. After participating in this event, what do you think might be the major difficulties in communication between those sponsoring the event and your culture? 6. How did you feel or respond reasonably to being in a different cultural situation that was not as predictable as communication in your own culture? 7.

What relevant concepts came to mind from your text or class discussions? 8. In one sentence, describe an important conclusion about intercultural communication due to your participation in this event.

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