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According to our current way of ranking and comparing students they were among the bottom ewe, along with many other famous, successful, intellectuals. II. Audience Relevance Link I’m sure everybody in this room has taken a standardized test; you have to have to even to get into college. And I’m sure some of you did really well, maybe even got a scholarship for it, but I also bet that some of you didn’t do so hot, and I’m here to challenge the notion that’s says that that makes you less smart than the other students. Ill. Readability This is a battle that I fight on a daily basis. I’m dyslexic, always have been always will be, and while this means that I often have to take a different approach to things, but it has never hindered my ability to succeed, except for in one area; standardized testing. Like the name implies its for the “standard” population, the “standard” student, which I am not, and who is. How does one even begin to define standard. How can we make a test, one single standardized test, the equally compare every unique individual, that’s impossible. IV.

Proposition It for that reason that all schools and university should stop using standardized testing as a measure of intelligence and academic capability and success. V. Preview These test are extremely inadequate for several reason. One, they attempt to determine ones intellectual ability through one test on one particular day without any consideration to external factors. Two, they are discriminatory against non-native English speakers and students with special needs, and three, often cause teachers to “teach to the test” instead of teaching to learn, which isn’t that the whole point of school.

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Transition: Ever heard somebody say, “today’s just not my day’, or felt like that your self? Its happens, some times you just have a bad day that really throws you off our game. You not able to focus in class, or couldn’t make a single shot at practice, but thankfully your futures don’t really depend on that, unless your taking a standardized test that is. Body I. Standardize test only take into consideration on what they see on the cantors. A. But what about all of the external factors? I.

The things going on in our lives have a huge impact on how we perform. Ii. You can’t expect a student whose mother just passed away to have the same focus and motivation as the kid next to them. Iii. There will always be factors hat we can’t predict, and certainly not know through score of one test, and ones intelligence shouldn’t be docked accordingly Transition: As Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. And that is exactly what standardized testing does; it separates and labels us, some people end up monkeys, and the others are just fish flopping around the bottom Of a tree. . They are discriminatory against non-native English speakers and students with special needs. A. America has historically been known for its melting pot diversity, and often times we take pride in that. However, standardized test in America are only offered in one language, English. I. Test are stressful enough, now just imagine having to do it all in another language! I. It is an unfair disadvantage, simple because they are from a different country or background does not make them any less smart, it is just more difficult for them to express that through the means provided b. Same goes for anybody with learning disability or special needs. I. And I’m not just talk about those tit sever impairments, but any student with an PIE (individual education plan), which according to the (National Center for Education Statistics) is 13% Of all students. Ii.

Often times these students do not receive any, or enough/ proper accommodations putting them at a significant disadvantage from other students. Transitions: Ill. Standardized test have also lead a “teach to the test” approach of teaching that is unpractical and short changing the students. A. A study done at the University of Maryland in 2007 found that “the pressure teachers were feeling o ‘teach to the test’ were leading to declines in teaching higher-order thinking, the amount of time spent on complex assignments, and the actual amount of high cognitive content in the curriculum. I. Unlike tests, life often doesn’t come with a multiple chose option, and students are becoming less and less prepared for the real world. Ii. People often think that standardized testing prompts achievements, but it has yet to prove that. According to Broadcasting. Org out of the 30 top industrialized nations, our students currently rank 25th in math and science. Transition: The entire purpose Of school is to help educate its students. Provide them with information and knowledge, and skill sets that will help them and they can utilize outside of the classroom.

However, standardized testing demolishes this idea. It turns school into a competition, a place where some students are inherently better than other simply because of a number on a paper. Conclusion l. Review Main points Standardized testing attempts to sum up the entirety of a person education into one test without considering external factors, they are discriminatory against non-native English speakers and students with special needs, and are having a negative impact on our teachers and the content covered in the classroom. II.

Restate Proposition It is for these reasons that all schools and university should stop using success. Instead ones ability should be based off of, what they’ve achieved or over come in life, their ability to image, and make reality. Ones drive, focus, and passion. A cumulative of their schooling to date, opportunities available to them, successful, failures, and potential, because those are the things that make a student. Ill. Decisive closing A person’s intelligence cannot accurately be summed up through any single test or evaluation.

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