Creating a Positive Classroom Environment Assignment

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When enrolled in my first online class, found it quite difficult adjusting from face-to-face verbal immunization with my instructor to a more technologically based means of communication. Though had online discussion and Contact with me teachers and fellow classmates, still felt somewhat disconnected from the course which in turn hindered some of my learning capabilities. Creating a sense of community and acceptance will be a top priority in my class just as much as learning the required material.

Building positive connections with my students is one way to help foster a sense of community in my classroom. I will treat my student like the college student they are. I will implement on a certain day out of the week in which my student can me for lunch or breakfast to discuss class-related topics. My office door will always be open encouraging my student to drop by with any question on designated times. I will make my self seen on campus at student events and activities to show them that I support the various aspects Of their lives.

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My students will be able to reach me via face-to-face meetings, emails, my home and cell, as well as discussion boards. Building trust between students and teacher as well as students and other student will also elf create a positive classroom community. One way I will build trust with my students getting to know them and learning each student correctly pronounced names. I will engage in appropriate unrelated dialogue that inquires about their lives outside of the classroom to show them I care not only about their grades in my classes.

I will also share appropriate information about myself and invite them to ask question whenever the feel the need. I will foster student-student trust by having student review other student works and have the give collective feedback on certain assignment. My class will be center around respect for me, each other, and the environment. Through and extra credit activity called “Environmental Injustice” students will use maps and graphs to explore some instances of environmental injustice.

This activity will help them learn to gather and uses information for research purposes and how to use reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of informational texts. I will use certain classroom celebrations and ceremonies like Black History month appreciation activity to help unite my class and teach them about African American culture. At the end of each semester I will invite the students that have completed my class to small graduation/completion dinner at a local restaurant where they will be given mini diplomas for passing the course.

By definition a community is a group of people who work with one another, building a sense of trust, care and support. As a future education I understand that must provide opportunities and structures by which all my students can help and support one another. I know that I must find a way to cater to the different learning skills and abilities of each student. Through the use of cooperative learning, I will unite my class and create an overall feeling of acceptance and community for my students that will help the work together more effectively.

Sharing completed work give my students a sense of appreciation for the work of others and a sense of pride in their own accomplishments. It will help build self-esteem and a sense of community all at the same time. Think-Pair-share and short collaborative learning technique that is ideally suited for all learners. In think-pair-share, I poses a challenging or open- need question and gives learner one minute to think about the question. Learners then pair with a collaborative group member or neighbor sitting nearby and discuss their ideas about the question for several minutes.

The think-pair-share structure gives all learners the opportunity to discuss their ideas. This is important because learners start to construct their knowledge in these discussions and also to find out what they do and do not know. After several minutes, I ask the comments to be shared with the whole group. The think-pair-share Structure also helps to enhance oral communication skills as hey discuss their ideas with the one another and with the whole group building on the overall concept of a community in the classroom.

My classroom structure had tables and the walls were lined with computers and book shelves. Instead on desk student will sit at table formed in the shape of a U with my desk at the top of the IS making the class almost circular with a circular rug I the muddle to reinforce a sense of community and equality. Test will be taken on computers and discussion and lectures will be done at the student seating area. I hope to teach a small class of say 15-29 students.

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