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Countries to be selected Argentina Burma Canada Chile Colombia Denmark Finland France Germany Indonesia Israel Mexico Nigeria Philippines Poland Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Thailand Turkey Working in a group of four, participants will present a brief overview of the geography, demography, economy, social cultural, legal and political system of a selected country. This assignment is designed to provide background information and knowledge of that country. This major group presentation will detail how business is conducted in the above-selected country, tit emphasis on the cross-cultural aspects of business practice.

Every group will contact TWO expatriates, interview those persons and analyze the cultural implications of working in Hong Kong. A written case report for each interviewee will be required. Cases, videos and movies will be provided and discussed in class. Term Paper Topic 1) Effective marketing management, global or local OR 2) The problems of team building in global companies. Students are required to use more than 15 academic references and not write more than 4,000 words with PAP format, single line spacing and 12 font size. ( HYPERLINK HTTPS// owl. English. Rude. Du/owl/resource/560/01/ HTTPS//owl. English. Purdue. Du/owl/ resource/560/01/) Students will be required to submit a Learning Summary of what they have learned in this course. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that each participant keep a Journal of the insights gained from the various learning methodologies lecture, discussion, video, interviews, presentations and analytical questions. The Journal is for the students private use, to help them synthesize material and structure their thoughts as to how the course material can be used to help individuals and organizations interact more effectively in cross-cultural tuitions.

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There is no specific length required. As well, format will be determined by the student. One approach might be to use a report format, writing the Learning Summary as if it was a report to a fictional boss, who has asked for a concise summary of the important lessons the student has learned from the course, so that he/she might use the material during an international assignment. The focus, then, should be on themes, rather than a chronological review. Given the nature of this assignment, normal academic referencing will not be required. Principal Reading

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