How to Find Study Time with a Busy Schedule Assignment

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Narration to Process Analysis Essay The timing for starting my associates degree may not be the best, but I believe in the saying ” There is no time like the present. “. I am a thirty-two year old Navy wife and mother of three. Ally is ten years old and a big helper. Haley is three years old and quite a handful. Cassy is three months old and a true delight. I also run my own daycare in my home. Shortly after I gave birth to our youngest daughter my husband left for an eight-month deployment leaving all the responsibilities of the house and children to me.

As you can imagine, time is truly precious in my life and there isn’t a lot of it left over for studying. I have to make every minute count. I have discovered three key elements to help do just that. The first key element is to choose the time you study wisely. I don’t decide to get my books out when the daycare kids are being dropped off in the morning because that would lead to constant interruptions. I also don’t do school work during play time because it is too loud in the house. During these times the kids also require constant supervision taking all my attention.

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Always set time aside that you can concentrate solely on your studies with few interruptions. For me, that is the children’s nap time and the couple of hours after my daughters’ bedtime. It is at these times that it is quiet, and my children won’t disturb me so that I can focus. For major assignments and exams, I hire a sitter so that I can accomplish my work in a more timely fashion and with greater focus. Another key element is to take care of all responsibilities before opening a single book.

I have to make sure that my three year old has had a drink, been to the potty, and is in bed before I take the books out. I also have to ensure that my three month old has a fresh diaper, a full belly, and is resting comfortably in whichever baby contraption makes her happy for the moment. My ten year old, while somewhat self sufficient likes to ask me questions right when I start studying. To avoid that distraction, I ask her beforehand if there is anything that she will need during the next hour or so. If there is I help her with it right then. When I have finished these things, I can begin studying.

Then I am not interrupted, allowing my focus to be on my school work. It is also necessary to eliminate any other possible distractions while studying. All televisions should be turned off. Phones should also be off or on vibrate. This will help keep you focused. I also like to leave a sign on my door that says Do Not Disturb ensuring that I not be bothered. Keep in mind that you need to get as much done in the small amount of time you have allotted. While not always easy it is extremely important to balance your daily responsibilities with your school work.

Setting proper time aside, taking care of responsibilities beforehand, and avoiding unnecessary distractions are three tips in making the most of your study time. If you have children, like I do, you may need to get away at times in order to get your work completed. Hire a sitter and go to the library or the park. Anywhere that is quiet and child free can be beneficial. By making your school work your number one priority at these times, you can get more accomplished and improve your overall grades. Page 1

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