Human Sexuality and Behavior Assignment

Human Sexuality and Behavior Assignment Words: 305

Quince make sure he attends every game including the most important game Of her life at the time, which was the High School Championship game, while a collage scouting coach attended. Monica missed the game winner and immediately bust out in tears. Later that week was their High School Dance and that’s when both Quince and Monica emotions started to flare up. That night after Monica received a letter of acceptance from USC, and Quince saying he will also attended USC, they was filled with enjoyment and Monica kissed Quince and later lost her virginity.

As high school ends, they come together as a couple, but within a year, with both playing ball at ISIS, Quince relationship with his father takes a ugly turn when he found out his father was cheating on his mother. This extreme blow causes Quince to break up with Monica. So years later, their pro careers at a crossroad, they meet again and Monica challenges him to a game of one on one for his heart. During this movie, it included eleven scenes, which involved kissing. There was also a scene where they played a game of one on one for clothing (Strip

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Basketball). This being a basketball movie, body parts were shown but not too explicit. Twice in the movie was when you seen any body parts. There was a scene in the movie where it showed them leading up to about to have sex after they played “strip basketball”. Finally there was the famous sex scene after the high school dance where they had Maxwell-A Woman’s worth, playing in the background. It explained the love they had for one another and that they always cared for each other. Might be one of the famous sex scenes of all time.

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