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The first Challenge is family adjusting to school responsibilities. Second is adjusting to the extra responsibilities of higher education compared to High School. The third is getting to know others on campus. Trying to balance the responsibilities with school and family is somewhat complicated. Having a husband as a manager at a Retail store can be difficult, with him dealing with customers, employees, paperwork, cleaning, and deposits. He’s tired from that. We also have a two year old daughter that never likes to go to bed.

She wants all of my attention been at Day care all day. Then I have to cook dinner, if it’s not too late. So, balancing everything out, you have to make time for family and school. My husband and I had to compromise on when the best time to study. My studying time is 11pm. No matter if my two year old is still up playing; he’s in charge for the rest of the night. Knowing Higher Education is a privilege not a chose. High School is a requirement. Not having a High School education restricts a person from getting jobs.

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Higher Education can better your chances of having a good job, better life, and supporting for your family. People later down the road find interest in higher education because of financial circumstances, but I myself is offer a second chance to develop skills this time around. One said, “You may say that you cannot “let go” of these things, but you can; you can be dedicated to do so, by voluntary intention and persistence. ” Getting to know others on campus. Well being new to online classes is one of my biggest challenges.

Trying to keep up with projects, assignments, and making sure you go to the right steps in course menu. Not been able to communicate face to face with your classmates might be a slim challenge, but I know I can manage the ability. Talking to students outside of could be one good reason. They motivate you to stay in school, boost your ego, because there’re in the same situation. Although our family and friends praise our achievements; it’s a different prospective coming from people you don’t know.

It’s a good feeling knowing you can count on classmates for missed assignments, notes and giving good ideas. It stated that students that attend college, many don’t graduate. Maybe so, but in ones mind be mentally determine in what you do. that chance a better one the second time around. Giving opportunities in your life to be and do what you what to do. And striving to do what is necessary to make time for family, friends and school. Compromise, Dedicated, and Mentally Determine in what you do.

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