Usa – the Defender of Democracy? Assignment

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USA- the defender of democracy? We’ve all heard about USA and their power and the influence that they have in the world. They often have a tendency to be in every part of the world and rule over different parts of the world, sometimes without sympathizing with the country that is being ran over. Although we all have different opinions about USA and how much power they really should have in the world, we all can agree that USA is the country that can influence the rest of the world (both negative and positive) more than any other country today.

This gives a world with most of the countries built upon the ideas of USA, which usually is capitalism and democracy. But what does that really mean and how do these subjects affect the countries involved? The Americans usually like to talk about the free world. The free world you can say, if you understand the concept, belongs to the USA. USA is the free worlds leader with a constitution that builds upon the ideas from the 18th century (for example that everyone no matter race, skin colour, political interests etc. hould have the same rights as everybody else). This concept can be seen very clearly due to that most the countries in the world are standing on the same side as USA to give their support to the fight against terrorism and the non democratic countries. In the cold war, the free world concept meant everything. The free worlds’ enemy was Soviet that had a system that was totally the opposite of what the Americans thought (for example of how the country should be run and how the society should be formed). It was USA’s capitalism vs.

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Soviet’s communism. USA actually did what they were supposed to (followed their concept) and came out in a victory. And so every country in the world looked up to the USA and the new system that was going to be used in the majority of the countries around the world. This was, after all, a very new political system in comparison with the communism. But as time went on and USA became more stable on their position, the free world concept was forgotten and USA is today doing some things that were unthinkable to do just 20 years ago.

There are several examples of how USA have been cooperating with regimes that have proven to been as non democratic as the Taliban’s. All this because it has favoured the interests of USA. The country of Turkey is a very illustrative example. USA has had a very good military relationship with Turkey since the cold war. They need Turkey as a picket since they need control over the Middle East (as the world’s super-power). The Kurds in Turkey are still being put up to political pursuit and torture.

It is USA’s duty as the free worlds leader, to do anything in their power to step in and stop this. After all it is against the free world concept. The fact is they are not doing this and if they really are following the “free world” concept, they should not have any kind of relationship with any non democratic country. This shows us that the “free world” concept is not USA’s primary goal anymore. What USA is really after is power and how the conflict can profit them.

USA is doing the wrong thing as the worlds leader when they are taking advantage of being the super-power and wanting to stay on that position. In conclusion, USA is a country that really likes to defend the democracy in times that really matter. Otherwise their just a country who have the power to do anything and consequently they sometimes forget what the concept is about, just because they want the power and only see how the conflict can profit them. This is nothing else than double moral standards from USA’s which creates a new dilemma; how will USA defend the democracy in the future?

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