Baltimore City Department of Planning Assignment

Baltimore City Department of Planning Assignment Words: 307

Conduct a user satisfaction survey. The survey may cover Vehicular and pedestrian circulation pattern and conditions, barrier-free access Security and safety protections. Weather protection and features (any problem with moisture, temperature, and thermal comfort; provisions of covered walkways and canopies etc). Noise control Fire protection systems and measures, Structural form Natural and artificial lighting Natural ventilation and building orientation Green features Appearance, Finishes Other items you may want to address for your living environment. . In your target building or estate, each group is required (40 marks): to identify three building elements such as window, door, stair and roof etc. And analyses whether the design and existing conditions are able to fulfill their intended functional requirements; and to identify or recommend with two environmental friendly designs Presentation Each group is required to conduct a presentation to demonstrate their learning in this assignment. It is expected to last for about 20 minutes and there will be minutes question and answer time.

The content of the presentation must be accurate, concise and related to local practices. Report Each group is required to submit a group report for the assignment and each student has to submit a learning portfolio with the group report. The learning portfolio should at least include the following contents: i. Learning objectives for the assignment ii. Information collected iii. Learning from the assignment iv. Reflection and contributions to the project v. Other related information Assessment Criteria

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Breakdowns of the allocation of marks to different components of this assignment are as follows: Group report 30% Individual learning portfolio Total 100% Students would get high grade for this assignment if they can demonstrate their ability in applying the principles to the problems. Students would get fair grade for this assignment if they can only demonstrate their understanding on the basic principles.

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