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People in Organization mainly deals with the study of human relationships in an organization and how it can help in improving work and productivity, in achieving a successful career and to balance life. This subject explains how interpersonal relationships are developed in an organization and how it helps in shaping our career. From the subject learned most about CONFLICT RESOLUTION which is an important element in order to maintain very good human relationships.

I selected this topic because, Conflicts in workplaces are an unavoidable fact and for creating a wonderful working environment inflicts resolution has to be done. In an organization, every employee has seen all situations where different people with different objectives, needs and goals, have come into conflict which often results into intense personal enmity. Conflict is a state of open, prolonged fighting or disagreement between individuals or group Of incompatible people, ideas or interests in an organization. Conflict Resolution is a procedure which carries peace between them as result.

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Taking my real life experience, when I worked in an organization with people having different interests, skills and experiences, here I encountered numerous conflicts which made me uncomfortable and destabilize in working in that organization. It badly affected the company’s productivity. In that scenario, recognizing the explanations for the conflicts and enabling the conflict resolution strategies or techniques got a need. Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the routines and forms included in helping the peaceful ending of conflict.

Conflict resolution is the procedure of discovering a result for a conflict. Conflict scenarios bring about negative and positive impacts. The positive effect is, they might assist diffuse more genuine inflicts, empower a search for new realities or resolution, increment group union and performance, and exhibit the force or capability of the conflicting parties. The negative effect is that it could obstruct smooth working or the choice making technique, or make contending coalitions or diminish profit of an organization.

The traditional View about conflicts was * A crash been incongruent individuals, plans, or interests. * Viewed as hampering profit; bringing down confidence; prompting improper behaviors and proceeded conflict The new view about conflict is * an chance for personal development. Discovering resolutions to conflict might * Clarify a relationship * Broaden pondering the source * Open individuals to new perspectives There are certain theories associated to conflict resolution. These theories incorporate conveying, mediating.

These theories incorporate mediating, conveying. It includes various subjects, for example public order, society, culture and their inductions for conflict resolution. While the conflict happens the other individuals in the gathering will attempt to negotiate and convey the content keeping in mind the end goal to tackle the issue. In the 1 sass Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Killing developed the Thomas-Killing Conflict Mode Instrument (THICK) which help to distinguish which style you tend towards when conflict goes out.

They are competitive, corporative, compromising, avoiding and accommodating. In my opinion, new insights of knowledge in this subject are; each director and worker should be capable of identifying the causes of conflicts and in resolving it. These days the conflicts happening based to the publicly accepted norms, society and dialect viewpoints. Engage based arrangement systems that have concentrate on finding common or jugular engages near conflicting gatherings. Because of the socio customary viewpoints new style of conflicts were been happened.

Management have taken remedial measures to reduce conflicts between the workers which would affect the working environment drastically. The issue with conflict does not lie in the conflict rather it is inherent in the courses of action brought about to determination the conflict. Worked as a Business Analyst in a company which mainly deals with supply chain and logistics. There I had a negative impact due to conflict. I worked ender logistics department; there were 1 0 members in that department headed by a manager. All the 10 employees were having different skills, ideas and interests.

For the first project we were divided into two groups in such a way that each group contained five members and both the teams were given assignments which has to be completed in 1 month. My teams started doing the project and it went smoothly for the first 10 days, after that all the people came up with different ideas including our project head. Our project head did not approve any of the ideas suggested by us and no one in the team accepted or appreciated the other members idea, every one stick on to their own ideas. This situation went on and finally our team failed to meet the target on the due date.

This was the worst scenario of conflict which affected the company’s goodwill. The management got involved in the issue and they used some techniques and some theories as I mentioned above to resolve the conflict. They first identified the causes behind the conflict which was difference in skills, interests, ideas and experience level and applied the theories mainly mediation and conveying. Chief Manager conducted one on en session with each person and acted as a mediator to resolve the conflict. He conveyed the solutions to each and every person in the team. We were allotted extra time to finish off the concerned project.

Conflicts can be positive and negative. But I have come across a negative impact of conflict in my life which affected the reputation of the company itself. So conflict resolution is an inevitable process in the smooth functioning of a company. Through conflict resolution was able to identify my own faults and it helped me in overcoming my limitations. So I believe that I have chosen an apt topic room the subject. By understanding the topic, I can clearly state that conflicts in an organization can affect its smooth functioning which in turn leads to low productivity and affect the reputation.

These conflicts have to be resolved within no time. So I recommend employees to understand the environment where they are working and to have a mutual understanding among themselves. Issues are certain to come when people work together. Never leave any issue unattended as a modest issue can at the end of the day get major motivation to stress later on. Managers and employees should maintain close immunization with each other. They should conduct family get together in order to understand themselves so that there will be a smooth bonding between them.

Communication plays an extremely critical part in maintaining a strategic distance from clashes at work puts. Be exceptionally clear and exact in your communication. Employees should develop a habit of utilizing planners to abstain from overlooking imperative dates and assignments. People might as well never carry their issues to working environment as it never permits to think about work. Always give respect and be polite to senior employees. An individual must be an active listener, considerate about other’s feelings, maintain good eye contact, use a calm voice and be honest to his/her work.

I recommend myself to do and not to do certain things when I work as an employee in an organization. Will see that I will not interfere in ma fellow colleague’s matters or projects. Will make sure that will try to gain maximum knowledge out of my work and work place. As an employee I will respect my colleagues and will learn from them and also help them to learn. It is always said that, to be a good employee one should have a positive attitude and I will try my best to have a positive approach on each and everything associated with work.

Conflicts is something that every organization faces and resolving the conflict is a tedious task but I as an employee of an organization will see to it that the conflicts will be reduced to the maximum for the betterment of the people and for a good working environment. All criticisms will be taken as challenges and I will consider as a platform to grow. I will cultivate a very good relationship between employees and other experts in the department. I will try to maintain a clean job record.

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