Conflict resolution inlong term care Assignment

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The purpose of this paper is to examine a conflict situation on a health care setting and discuss the positives and negative aspect of a conflict throughout examples of nursing work situations. I will describe a situation where I encounter conflict and recognize my own behaviors in similar situations. I will discuss what was done and what could be done according to the CON. I will also discuss what I have learned about conflict resolution. The nursing profession is mostly related to work closely with people; either taking care of a client or been part of health care team.

Therefore is almost inevitable to have a conflict. Like so many others life experiences a conflict situation has positive and negative elements and mostly depend of the approach. Therefore as professionals we must have or develop skills that aid on resolution of such as conflicts. One positive aspect is that during conflict situations, nurses have the opportunity to listen different point of view and opinions to develop a proper solution to a conflict situation and then contribute a positive change for the clients.

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For example a nurse in my floor was frequently calling the dietician to ensure that one of he diabetic residents has the type of food she like It in order for her to eat. Finally after several referrals, regarding to client’s diet. The nurse decide to confront the dietician to the manager ‘s office and ask why her request could not be met. Happen that was all miscommunication. Now the resident has a replacement meal, every time she wishes to. Other positive aspect In being expose to conflict situation Is that with positive attitude, a nurse will be able, to gain knowledge and experience that aloud her to become a better professional.

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