Conflict Resolution Assignment

Conflict Resolution Assignment Words: 637

Should there be significant justification for their failure to do their part of the assignment, I would communicate that to the instructor and ask if we could have an extension to allow the other party to complete their portion based on unusual circumstances. Team member who does not meet deadlines In order to hold each team member accountable, we have to set ground rules, such as when will the assignment be expected back for team review? We will set a pm deadline which gives us significant time to submit the assignment on time.

Should anyone fail to meet the deadline , the designated arty will attempt contact with the late party to verify if the assignment has been finished and when we can expect the work to be submitted. Team member who wants to control the completion of all assignments We have several team members who would like to take on the exclusive leadership role, in order to maintain the fairness of the process we should draw numbers and the person draws the lowest numbers would then be the primary decision maker on the scheduling on the assignment.

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Team member submits work below standards Should there be a team member who submits work that is below standards, he team leader should speak to them regarding a resubmission of the assignment. In the beginning of the assignment there should have been communicated standards of the expectation regarding each individual’s efforts regarding the assignment. However it should also be noted that everyone is an individual and perceives things different , therefore what we consider below standard me not be that to them.

Team member does not cite sources Team members who do not site sources, should be reminded that all work where they have sited specific information found in a text book and or other published writings should be cited to avoid the accusation of plagiarism. Team member not open to others’ ways of doing things In any team setting there will inevitability be people who do not agree or have Strong opinions on how things should be done. The first Step is to determine each person’s strengthens and weakness, in order to pair them into personal groups that can work together.

A person who is not willing to work in the group setting and has been a disruption to the group, should be reported to the instructor for further review to determine if he or she should continue on with the assigned group. Personality conflict between two team members Much like the person who is not open to change, when you are working in a group environment are bound to encounter people with conflicting personalities. The main concern is can they work together without becoming a determent to the group and its goals.

As an adult learners we will strive hard to work in a manner consistent with achieving our goals. However if we cannot come to a meeting of the minds, we would need to involve the instructor for further action. Team members post derogatory messages Harassment of any type will not be tolerated within this group , should it mom to the attention of the group leader that , there is someone posting derogatory messages I will speak with the person and request that they stop sending the messages , if it does not stop I will have to involve the university .

Negative Behaviors and Ramifications Negative behaviors can have an adverse effect on the team prefer to work with a team who shares the same vision and goals, In order to achieve we all have to remember why we are all here. The most drastic ramification is someone receiving a bad grade due to multiple distractions within the group.

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