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Spatial function includes psychological space and physical space. Each are deemed personal and instinct to defend. The conflict is observed. Managing this conflict is influenced by personalities, relationships, roles, issues, and finally the context (Folder, 2013). The first stage of Latent stage, is individuals are not aware there is conflict yet. The second is called the Perceived Stage, this occurs when the individuals realize there is conflict. The next stages are the Felt Stage when stress and anxiety increase, leading to the Manifest Stage where the conflict is observed.

The final stage is considered the Aftermath Stage where conflict resolution or dissolution occurs to develop an outcome of the conflict (Deutsche, Coleman, & Marcus, 2011). The steps to manage or resolve a conflict when a team member does not submit his or her portion Of an assignment begin with a clear team charter outline. The outline should include designated leaders of projects. The team leader sets guidelines for deadlines for submitting projects sections. If a team member runs into any issues such as an illness or emergency, the key to avoiding conflict is immunization.

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Allowing the team to know what is occurring helps the projects deadline to be adjusted for the member, or a team member volunteer to do the portion of work missing by the member. The negative conflict for the member not communicating problems could be missing deadlines or late assignment for point deductions, or not enough time for another member to complete the members section making an incomplete assignment. Conflict can be avoided if managed correct. The stages of conflict management assist the team to resolve the conflict before stress and anxiety bevels are elevated.

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