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Marketing Plan Downward Apple sauce Plan Overview Company and product description: Downward is a company producing all kinds of apple sauce and focusing to raise the awareness of a new product in Hungary and contribute to the needs and indulgence of its customers. Apple sauce is a well-known and preferred product in other parts of Europe like Austria and Germany but has not made its way to Hungary yet.

Even though Hungary and Austria have once been unified apple sauce became a product only casting a major impact on the Austrian food market contributing mostly to the Leeds of confectionery, but leaving out Hungary and more eastern parts of Europe. Apple sauce is a puree made of apples. Peeled apples are used for this procedure and cooked down with water to the desired level. Lemon sugar and spice will be added later on to highlight its unique taste. Our product will stand out with its uniqueness and quality.

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In Germany Downward stands for over 50 years of superior quality, great innovations and trust towards their customers. We are determined to spread these significant terms in Hungary and outline the products uniqueness. Market situation: Marketing Plan for imaginary factory By amphora and selling different variations of apple sauce in the Hungarian market. We focus on the import of various kinds of sauces since we regard Hungary as an unexplored area in terms of this.

Hungary is a country with a great tradition regarding sweets and candy and since they had been acknowledged to be the inventors of the “applicants”, the so called pancake, it became clear to Downward that there is a topping missing for this confectionery. People in Germany and Austria use Apple sauce for pancakes applicants), apple strudel, rice pudding and even yoghurt and therefore Apple-sauce has had a great impact on those markets. Since pancakes have a long tradition in Hungary and people eat it regularly actually everyone should be able to enjoy it in connection with a new topping offered by the company Downward.

Therefore we regard this as a chance to raise awareness in Hungary and we are confident to make this happen. The current market of apple sauce in Hungary is unexplored and therefore offers us a wide range of possibilities may it be the distribution of the product or advertising it. Competition is not present to a big extent. Main competitors in this case might be producers of maple syrup, marmalade and chocolate cream which are mainly used in connection with pancakes.

There are plenty of restaurant specializing on pancake production emphasizing the outstanding importance of this traditional food. First goal is to set up a successful foundation in Hungary and afterwards orientation might move on to other countries in southern Europe. Consumers: There is a variety of consumers who would be attracted to Downward products. The demographics are the following: Families with children Grandparents College students Others Families with children are the first group of consumers we target.

In demographic terms we will merely target the female part of the family since research has shown that women are mostly responsible for what will be consumed within a family. Most of the families who have children have a preference for sweets. The younger generation of people like students or adults will also be considered in our marketing strategies since they can afford these products by themselves. They also sometimes tend to choose the fastest food they can get which could be pancakes with apple hillier.

Since Hungary has a long lasting cooking tradition and grandmothers are considered to be great cooks they will enjoy trying out new recipes in connection with apple sauce and spoil their grandchildren by preparing bakeries or sweets for them. Furthermore other consumers will also be attracted to apple sauce. Competitors: The competitors of Downward apple sauce would be: Maple syrup producers Chocolate cream producers Sweets, candies used as toppings and confectionery in basic Market Targeting: 1) Segmentation: Possible market segments include families with children, college dents and grandparents with preference for cooking. ) Targeting: In this case the most advantageous strategy is undifferentiated marketing. Targeting only segments would be difficult since Oddness’s apple sauce will be available in many grocery stores and supermarkets. 3) Positioning: Oddness’s apple sauce is a quality product and contributes to the consumers’ indulgence. It is not expensive but still offers high quality. Strategy: Product: Downward apple sauce, available in different variation, is a consumer good, a convenience good that the producer can buy with little effort.

All Products: Apple sauce compote Apple & apricot sauce Apple & banana sauce Apple & vanilla sauce Apple sauce Mix (green apple, red apple, auburn apple, golden delicious), a mix of sweet and sour apples Appeal’s Appellation Appeal’s & Appraise Appeal’s & Banana Appeal’s & Vanilla Cornerstones Plasterer Price: The price of Downward apple sauce will be medium, although it will be slightly higher than the price demanded in Germany since it will be imported and has to go through a chain to access Hungarian supermarkets.

Actual prices: 250 ml jar: 299 HUFF 370 ml jar: 399 HUFF 20 ml jar: 749 HUFF Place (Distribution): Kaiser since those supermarket chains have a high recognition factor and presence in Hungary. We will also sell it in special stores like “Culinary” and smaller grocery stores. Marketing Communication Mix: Advertising: Advertising is the most important and essential element of the marketing communication mix for Downward apple sauce: Media week 2 week 3 week 5 x Flyers Radio Interned Ads Magazines Sales Promotion: We will start selling our product on a lower price than usual in order to attract the Hungarian consumer market to apple sauce.

We will have sales such as “three for the price of two” and on this way people can familiarize themselves with the product. Personal Selling: Introducing the product: Sample tasting will be conducted by representatives of our brand in big supermarkets like Tests, Spar and Kaiser to show customers the quality and diversity of our products. “Word of mouth” will play an important role in this campaign. Public Relations: We will enhance the fact that our Downward apple sauce is a product which contributes to the families’ well-being but still is a product for everyone.

Strategies and programs: Our product is based on 50 years of experience and quality. Delicious fruit ideas and first class quality make it an undeniable indulgence. Sauces are offered in nicely decorated Jars, directly for use as a side dish or in the pure way. Packaging plays an important role making our product stand out compared to other confectioneries. On the front of the Jar there is a colorful label showing the content of the glass with its associated fruits. Writing will outline the brand name and name the content.

Jars are label will change towards big events like Christmas since we want to introduce elaborate new packaging in order to enhance the awareness towards our products. Our concept relies on the fact that we offer first class quality to an affordable price. The beginning of this campaign is planned for the first week of December trying to catch the consumers’ attention before Christmas time since people have a great willingness to consume sweets during Christmas holidays. Previously mentioned marketing campaigns which are necessary to attract consumers to the product will be conducted.

Implementation and control: Goods purchased and ordered in Germany, where the headquarter of Downward is coated in Burger, will be charted to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Here they will be stored and distributed among the different supermarkets. If sales volume increases we will order fruits too higher extent. As sales volume increases we will compare our sales volume to our marketing efforts and are determined to observe a positive correlation among these variables. Quality standard plays an important role and therefore goods transported will be checked in our warehouses to ensure the good quality we promise to our customers.

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